Hillsong Church and "Catholic Mass for you at home"


I’m australian,

has anyone heard much of Hillsong church?

I liken to their music, but the teaching of Pastor Brian Hoston seems rather like he appeals to rich kids only, you know what I mean?

I find it quite funny their TV show is on channel 10… right after the Catholic “Mass for you at home” program! Talk about opposing theology. one right after the other, every Sunday morning at 6AM.

Does the watching of “mass at home” let one off from actually going to mass? I know the answer is no, but then that begs the follow up question, if it isn’t a legit mass then why have it on TV in the first place?


I love reading about and thinking about visiting Australia–what a marvelous country you live in. But as for the TV Mass:
Not legit? Of course it’s legit!

That TV Mass you see IS attended by people and is celebrated by a priest. (A Mass is valid even if it only celebrated by a priest with nobody else in attendance, as an aside anyway). It’s being broadcast not as a ‘substitute’ but rather, it is a ‘real’ Mass which happens to be broadcast. We watch and listen not as a ‘substitute’ but as a supplement.

For those who are homebound, they can see and hear the Mass on TV and then (on appropriate Sundays/holydays) have an extraordinary minister or priest come to them so that they may receive communion.

Hope that helps. (We get Protestant preachers with their “hour of power” stuff before and after the Mass too in the U.S. Don’t know Hillsong though).

For others, it is an excellent opportunity to “follow along” with the Mass and offer up prayer to God.


I don’t know where you’re from in Australia (I’m guessing Melbourne) but Hillsong is a Sydney-based organisation. Absolutely HUUUUUUUUGE - I’ve seen their pastor and musicians on big US televangelist shows.

They do seem to be very much interested in the money-fame side of things (not that they are necessarily insincere though) but having those two shows one after the other does seem to show totally opposite ends of the spectrum of Christian television, does it not!

As for why Mass is televised - I think the last poster covered the reasons for this very well. If someone is at home ill they aren’t obligated to watch Mass on tv, but they may like to do so.


Hillsong= massive Assembly of God church in Sydney. Great contemporary music. Somewhat prosperity gospel oriented, unfortunately.

A much smaller version would be the Catholic pentecostal group Flame Ministries, in Perth Australia.


Hillsong is on most of the major evangelical Protestant networks in the US. I agree with JesusforMadrid’s assessment of the music - they produce some of the best and most popular praise and worship music available today. I haven’t noticed a ton of prosperity gospel preaching, but I wouldn’t consider it very deep, either.

One of the programs I saw recently had Joyce Meyer as the guest. I believe she’s tied to the prosperity gospel, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that characterized Hillsong, as well.


What does prosperity gospel have in characteristic to Hillsong, don’t see the linkage there.!! Hillsong Church are huge in Australia, and are getting popular in my country as well. Thus my church have invited hillsong band like Delirious and Newsboys to our church to conduct praise and worship.


They preach a message that basically says, if God loves you, then you will be blessed with physical health and material wealth. I agree that their worship music is outstanding, and in fact, we used it in the evangelical church I attended before converting. But the rest of their message seems watered down and focused on personal gain. That’s why even some among the evangelical movement (like JesusforMadrid and the pastors of the church I used to attend) wouldn’t recommend listening to their preaching.

Reading through the gospels, it is hard to miss the references to sacrifice, suffering, and expectations of persecution. I hear none of that in Hillsong sermons.


Well, the T.V. Mass is mostly for those who are sick or physically unable to attend Mass, but even then it does not count as a substitute. Here’s your question asked on Ask an Apologist:

Can a televised Catholic Mass substitute for going to Church?



In my FH’s old church (Prot.) he had a female acquaintance who went to school there in Australia for singing. I guess the church has their own college or something?? Not exactly sure, I know my FMIL has all the Hillsong CDs, though i’ve never heard the preaching. I can tolerate the music for a little while but I wouldn’t subject myself to a sermon on how I need to be saved.


They do have a very good (in the evangelical-Christian-music vein) music ministry. Of course they would be open to teaching music to those who want to learn.


Good guess! I’m in the eastern suburbs…

I don’t like their message of money-fame. The music is nice though.

We have Planetshakers church here in Melbourne and they’re pretty big too, they seem to cater for the same crowd. Young people, quite well off.

How can the Catholic church minister to these young people the right message of Jesus?



I’ll have to agree with previous posts, hillsong does tend to do quite a bit of prosperity preaching, however about a week ago I saw one “sermon” on TV with a guest speaker from US who shared quite an opposite message (i.e. selflessness, poverty etc…)


** God loves us and of course does not wanted us to suffer, it is Devil who draw us away from him **

please read Rom 8:17

“and if children, then heirs–heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him.”

God loves us and it is because of that that he leads us to Christ and Christ will lead us to his Cross. Or as St. Teresa (i believe) said something on the lines of
"Our sufferings are God’s gentle caresses"
Which I totally agree

God bless



I have been browsing the Hillsong web site, and I must say it is very impressive.
I live in Melbourne, and have heard of Hillsong, although as another poster said, I hear more of Planetshakers.
It was interesting to discover that the Chairman of Gloria Jean’s Coffees is on the Board of Hillsong, and that Hillsong are linked to the Mercy Ministries. I recently bought a chocolate butterfly at Gloria Jean’s to help support MErcy Ministries, so it is fascinating to see it all linked.

I can’t see anything wrong with Hillsong, they proclaim the Trinity etc.

I just wish organizations like this would work alongside the Catholic Church, so that people would go to Mass to receive Our Lord in a sombre, reverent manner, then they go and sing their lungs out and praise God afterwards in these huge gatherings.

It seems to be the only thing lacking with Hillsong, that is the Eucharist, and of course the Papacy.

Wouldn’t it be great to get them in union with the Catholic Church, so we can all be fed with the Body of Christ, and praise him in such a big way at Hillsong.


I’m going to go way way out on a limb here and use my massive psychic powers to guess Collingwood … :wink: :smiley:


No, I’m from Blackburn

But funny enough Collingwood is the Football team I am a fan of! Go Maggies!


Well, being a Sydneysider born and bred (and the Swans being champeens last two years and all) there’s only one team I could think of going for :slight_smile:


Nah it was West Coast last year. I was backing you guys to win though, I like the Swannies, they’re still very "underdog"ish because they still in a hostile NRL dominated environment.


I’m a member of Catholic Charismatic community here in the Philippines…and were playing hillsongs during our praise and worship…

does it matter? BTW, whats their denomination? never heard of them being anti-Catholic…:cool:


I worked with a lady who went to hillsong (but herself married to a Greek Orthodox). She was doing a couse in ‘Liturgical Dancing’

They are making alliances with conservative politicians such as the Prime Minister

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