Hillsong Woes


The Catholic Church is not the only organisation dealing with problems of sexual abuse. Even Hillsong has been dragged into the spotlight recently.


It’s a pity, because they were regarded as leaders in some respects in the Protestant world, as least in Australia. I think it will take them a while to recover from the negative publicity.


They’re also very influential among evangelicals here in the U.S. too. Let’s see how much coverage this story gets here.


Wow. The article and the links to other related articles say the same things about the molestation that the Catholic Church was ripped apart for, like trying to rehabilitate offenders and paying off victims. This kind of thing is widespread, yet only Catholic sins make the news.


The Catholic Church cops the brunt of it. However the previous federal government here set up a Royal Commission into sexual abuse, which is continuing, despite the change of government, and it covers all the organisations, not just the Catholic Church. This was the right way to go, as it didn’t target just one organisation.

The Salvation Army copped a hiding as well.


This is the enquiry’s home page -


And here’s an Ausralian media take on the Boy Scouts in the USA -


The fact remains that the allegations have been around for a long time. My old Presbyterian pastor predicted I’d become Catholic before he died in 1992. But even then, probably talking circa 1991, he commented that sexual abuse cases in the Catholic Church would hit the fan sooner or later, saying “There’s been a lot of them!”

So while I joined the Church circa 1996 or 97, I can’t say the child abuse cases were unexpected when they started making front page news.

At least with the Royal Commission, it’s been forced out in the open.


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