Hindu Milk Miracles?

What do you think?


Here is a video: milkmiracle.com/Milkmiracle_12MB.wmv

God can work in mysterious ways.

Who are we to say He can’t do this if He wants to?

Statues made of salt or other highly absorbing minerals.

Superabsorbent bentonite



I saw a documentary on this and other alleged miracles from India, debunking the whole thing and the other ‘miracles’ too. They proved it was capillary action or some such thing related to the material,the shape of the object, and frictional constants of fluids and those materials.

They were able to recreate it at will. Anybody was able to do the ‘miracle’, and they did it with other objects unrelated to Hinduism as well (i.e. not elephants)

The people who do this on con men who pray on the vast illiterate class in India, and the Indian government is cracking down on them. It is a money scam. As always, follow the money!

It is merely the surface tension being broken by the tusk which allows the milk to appear to be consumed. It is not. It pools underneath the statue as it runs down the tusk. Science explains this ‘miracle’.

Seeking to explain the phenomenon, scientists from India’s Ministry of Science and Technology travelled to a temple in New Delhi and made an offering of milk containing a food colouring. As the level of liquid in the spoon dropped, the scientists theorized that after the milk disappeared from the spoon, it coated the statue beneath where the spoon was placed. With this result, the scientists offered** capillary action as an explanation; the surface tension of the milk was pulling the liquid up and out of the spoon, before gravity caused it to run down the front of the statue.**

You can do this experiment yourself with a statue of Ganesh and see what happens to the milk. I have been trying to find the video I saw many years ago showing that it is capillary action that ‘sucks’ up the milk, unfortunately without success.

I’m sorry, but I find it Ironic that many here are in agreement with some of the leading Atheist Scientific Societies Of India. I’m not saying that I think there is such a being as Ganesha, but personally I don’t think their “expalanation” fits all of the facts.

Like a previous poster said, God works in mysterious ways. Maybe He in his Infinite Mystery decied to use a Pagan God to accomplish His purposes, namely (maybe) of proving there IS such a thing as “Supernatural” in the World?

Who knows?

Again, I’m NOT and could never be a Hindu or Non-Christian (I was “Non-Christian” once and that is something I never want to go back to)----I believe unreservedly in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ----but I refuse to totally “Buy” the Atheist explanation for this.

Just me.:slight_smile:

I’m sure there are logical explanations for it, and I know God’s actions are not always understandable to us, and nor could their explanations be logical. I’m not commenting on the ‘miracle’ on way or the other. My comment is on the article, stating the following:

“Media coverage was extensive, and although scientists and ‘experts’ created theories of “capillary absorption” and “mass hysteria,” the overwhelming evidence and conclusion was that it was an unexplainable miracle”

That is quite the bold statement for anyone to make, especially if one has not re-created (or seen a recreation) of the experiments used or theories applied to explain what has happened. Again, I’m not saying one way or the other, but such broad, sweeping statements make me seriously wonder about accepting anything “New Frontier” publishes as anything more than propaganda for their cause.

I have a video on www.milkmiracle.com, and from my brief viewing, I simply don’t believe anything supernatural is happening. Within the first minute, when the on screen counter hits “TC 7:05:05:05”, you can clearly see milk dribbling down the front of the statue.

At others, you can see milk on the statue, or dribbling off the base of the statue. There is so much spilled milk (but fortunately very little crying ;)), that no one seems to notice. In one case, they were “feeding” a small sculpture in a fountain, and the water in the pool below had a noticeable white tint.

It seems to me that milk is pulled out by capillary/water tension and the dribble is simply not noticed or is simply invisible on the white statues. But in the end, it ends up on the floor.

Here are the links:

or directly to the video

(apparently I provided a link to the same video - oops)

I saw a video debunking this when some people went to an indian village to prove the “miracle” false by doing the same thing with a figurine of mickey mouse.

It is no miracle.

If it isn’t organic milk or almond milk, I don’t want to watch it :smiley:

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