Hindu violence


This was surprising I never thought of Hinus as being violent at all. (from the article):

*"Astrology and fortune telling still play a major role in Thai life.

Visitors to the shrine usually promised devotion in exchange for a change in their luck. They ranged the gamut from infertile couples seeking children, to the lovelorn, to entrepreneurs and people seeking an edge in the lottery.

Usually they would bring token offerings such as garlands, incense, candles and teak elephants.

The shrine was originally built in 1956 to ward off bad luck during the construction of an earlier hotel, which was later torn down."*

Man these guys need Christ something fierce, there’s so much more to God than getting a change in luck, and an edge in the lottery. I feel bad, poor guy was crazy and disturbed, and it was just a statue, no reason to lose a human life.

Man you need to get a life fast.

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