Hinduism and "Holy Bible"


I am tutoring a young man from a Hindu family. We were talking about religious texts recently, and I indicated, as illustration, his family’s copy of the Bhagavad Gita. He then surprised me by pulling a copy of a “Holy Bible” and saying it was his family’s “Bible”. Other than the words “Holy Bible”, it was written in their native pen (Sanskrit??). I asked if it was the same Bible that I would use, giving examples of Old Testament stories and references to Christ, but he didn’t know. They don’t attend a Christian church and have no Christian stuff around their house. Does anyone in here know Hinduism well enough to guess if this was a translation of “The” Bible that a missionary had given out in India, or do they use the words “Holy Bible” to refer to their text, as well. Thanks.


(Puts on serious hat)

Its probably a bible the family bought and has read justa s they would any other book.

I know my girlfriends father has like 4 different copies of the bible (as well as other religious texts) in his book shelf (he’s a practising Muslim as is her entire family).

Hell, I have a few copies of the book myself. Its a good read even for non-christians:thumbsup:


If it says “Holy Bible” in big letters on the cover, then it’s most likely a Christian Bible. It’s not too hard to find a Bible in Hindi, or some other Indian script, even in America. A good Indian bookstore would have it, as well as the Bhagavad Gita.

Most Hindus look favorably upon the Bible, as a sacred text, without necessarily feeling the need to convert. That’s just how they roll.:smiley:

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