Hinduism and their beginnings.

I have my own chat site. I have a Hindu who lives in India. He has not forgiven the Church’s Inquisition into an area known as Goia or ai,not sure. He said that the Church was an agent of the those who were conquoring the land. Now, it is said that this is the same region that the Apostle Thomas came to and converted the people there to the Christian beliefs. And that the Inquisition was formed to kill all those who would resist the new government. First is this true, and second, why do Hindus hate our missionaires more so than any other missions? Is there any background you can give me? Thank you and blessings…LayDominican:confused::confused:

LayDominican-ji, may God bless you. The question you asked is very brilliant. there are 2 reasons why our hindu brothers and sisters are not too keen on the missionaries. first off, let’s just say an islamic group comes into a parish and begins disrupting prayer to hand-out flyers on their faith and preach people to convert. our catholic breteren wouldn’t really be plaesed now would thay. that is exactly what happened in Goa. missionaries literally crashed into services and did preaching. ow i’m not saying its bad, it just seems a bit rude. and let’s face it, most people think that their faith is the best for them and if anyone tells them otherwise, there is bound to be conflict. another factor is politics. now the dominant religion in india is hinduism, and some political parties, including their supporters want a dominant hindu country, so they would ofcourse dislike other religions, including my sikh religion. hope that answered the question, if not you can always send me a PM as well.

God Bless!

lay dominican, I have seen some pretty good evidence that the “Thomist” Church existed in India centuries before the Portugese arrived into Goa in 1510. I believe that some of the unique Indianess of the Thomist Church there (which, who knows, may have been founded in 2nd century) was wiped away when the Portugese superimposed their Church over the old one. As for repression of the locals, I guess it was the same as the Spanish in South America at the same time.

On today’s India, however, I may be wrong… something else may be at work. Mother Teresa set up tremendous missionary work in India helping the “dalits”, the untouchables in India, who by virtue of their lowest caste are very much discriminated against in some of the most humiliating ways in Hindu society. The Buddha, I believe, actually broke from Hinduism partly because of Hinduism’s deeply entrenched caste system. There may be some real fear among Hindu Nationalists that Christianity’s message of “no slave or master” and equality in the sight of God frightens certain entrenched elements in Indian society. I’ve heard years ago expressed the hope that one day there will be a mass conversion of the dalits to Christianity. However, even when Christianity in certain places succeeds, it finds itself still banging against the wall of the caste system.

As for Catholic missionary work into Asia, sometimes with reason, Christianity has been interpreted as “foreign”, “colonizing”, and meddling. Don’t no if this helps. God Bless.


Please forgive me in my tardiness in replying to your message. Yes it does help and in fact I have started to look up and use some of the tips you were kind enough to write. I will let you know if I have any sucess with this new way of reaching out to my Hindu friend. May God bless you…LayDominican

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