Hinduism & Christianity Philosophy Are Same or Not

Did Christianity is following into the same category as hinduism. Because hindism concept is to make idol and in that idol they imagine and feel present of GOD.

Whereas, As far visiting this site for few days i found out they believes jesus as a image or exactly the GOD or SON OF GOD.(If i am not wrong) and they fall in category of worshipping him instead of One God which is unseenable.

Please explain this in detail. Is Christianity is teaching or comes up again to one of the old religion which Abrahim stop us to do. Where Abrahim clearly stop us from doing such act and he guide us to oneness of GOD.

No cross answers stay to the topic Please.Thank you very much.:slight_smile:

Christians believe in one God. Unlike Muslims Christians do not put limits on God He is all powerfull, all knowing He lives outside space and time We know God is greater than anything our puny little minds can concieve. Yet we know Him by our spirit He fellowships with us.

Any Christian Any Christian!!!:slight_smile:

God’s presence can be felt and seen anywhere, even in a physical object, even in the Kaaba.:slight_smile:

True in kaaba sense,I said presence not seen. No body see God. But jewish, christian and muslim believes are Oneness of God. Abrahim and Muhammad pbut destroyed idols in their life. But kaaba is not idol. Idol is that in which you draw face and ask from it. that is forbidden and christian are doing that while making jesus statues in churches,

Are Hindus Idol-Worshippers?

Answer: Hindus do not worship a stone or metal “idol” as God. We worship God through the image. We invoke the presence of God from the higher, unseen worlds, into the image so that we can commune with Him and receive His blessings.

Longer answer: The stone or metal deity images in Hindu temples and shrines are not mere symbols of the Gods. They are the form through which their love, power and blessings flood forth into this world. We may lik-en this mystery to our ability to communicate with others through the telephone. We do not talk to the telephone; rather we use it as a means of communication with another person. Without the telephone, we could not converse across long distances; and without the sanctified icon in the temple, we cannot easily commune with the Deity.

The human mind releases itself from suffering through the use of forms and symbols that awaken reverence, evoke sanctity and spiritual wisdom. Even a fundamentalist Christian who rejects all forms of idol worship, including those of the Catholic and Episcopal churches, would resent someone who showed disrespect for his Bible. This is because he considers it sacred. His book and the Hindu’s icon are much alike in this way.

why they donot kill the snake because they thing its a god and monkey is god and elephant is god and sun or sea is the god. These thing god created. What is ram and lankshan and the lady which take out her tongue is also a god and seven hand of women is also a god. elephant is god. These are not god. God is not human. He creates these thing.

And christian this one for you…How come God born from the dirty place i mean the women thingy. How can god baby and become a young man and than jewish kill him. That a sillyness. Jesus was not god he was messenger of god.

And this one for you Siddhartah…why don’t you use snake as a telephone and talk God. And put snake in your ear.

Any Christian Any Christian!!!

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