Do you think Hinduism does better with temperance than Catholic Christianity?

Or to put it another way, do you think Hindus do better with temperance than Catholic Christians?

By temperance, do you mean abstaining from alcohol, or simply moderation and self-control when it comes to consuming things like food and drink?

There is always better that we Christians can do! We have the means given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ and His teachings. Prayer, Sacraments, and all the other helps that can keep us on track.

We can learn by the discipline that others have who do not know the Lord. I pray that some day they will have the light of Divine Revelation.

Remember, we do have our Blessed Mother and the saints who are examples for us!

All the grace we are open to receive our Lord will gladly give us.

What exactly do you mean by ‘temperance’?

Whatever you meant by temperance, there are a lot of Hindus in the world; and there are a lot of Catholics.

Invariably, some will do better than others at anything.

BTW, temperance in the sense of never using alcohol is not a Catholic teaching.


This may have been true 30 years ago when drinking alcohol was taboo very much like eating meat. These days both these taboos are pretty much broken. Drinking is still less of a problem in India than in the west, but Indians are catching up fast. In fact those who drink in India seem to have greater difficulty doing it responsibly.

Here in Japan, it’s pretty much common for people to drink - it’s even a trope that Buddhist priests discreetly drink sake, ) water"prajna - despite refraining from consumption of alcohol being one of the precepts of Buddhism.

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