Hip-Hop Music

I second that. Common makes you think. One of my most favorite lyrics are from his intro on the album “Be”

“Waiting for the Lord to rise
I look into my daughter’s eyes
And realize that I’ma learn through her
The Messiah, might even return through her
If I’ma do it, I gotta change the world through her”

Deep right?
Stay blessed all

I love music. Love it! But I’m a middle aged white woman and I can’t get into hip-hop at all. I do love some of the old school rap, but most modern rap is boring when it isn’t offensive. Sorry. I can’t stand all the Nrs, Bes and H*s. I can’t help but think that kind of lyrics has poisoned the relationship between men and women.

There’s also a relationship between some of the popular rappers and an offshoot of the Nation of Islam called the 5 Percenters.

Here’s an article:


Yeah the 5%'ers aka The Nation Of Gods and Earths are trippy. There very smart people though.

Keep in mind huge music corporations are getting rich off all today’s rappers. Some of the blame MUST fall on corportate America’s shoulders. They, in a sense, are exploiting the young men and women in the industry. I bleme the rappers themselves also of course. Just remember there is a corporate fat cat at the head of all of their labels laughing all the way to the bank.

Yeah the 5%'ers aka The Nation Of Gods and Earths are trippy. There very smart people though


Smart?! Ehh, don’t think so - more like way out conspiracy buffs.

wow. while were on the subject would anyone be interested in reading a paper i wrote for my media class at a community college? It has to do with how the media specifically hip hop journalism profits off of perpetuating stereotypes and how they marginalize alternative artists and what this effect has on young people. i would up it but i dont want to bore anyone.

May I suggest a song for those of you teetering on the fence? To Da River, from the Fighting Temptations soundtrack. It’s about leaving the messed up life and finding God. I really like it, it has great beat and a better message.

Just my opinion.

Rap went through a huge change from the 1970’s to the early 1990’s, but it was almost all junk in my opinion by 1986 or so. I used to like Public Enemy, however, right into the '90’s, but it’s so hard to remember what any of us were thinking then.

I agree with you on that one!!! I don’t listen to much Hip-Hop anymore because most of the artists are either lacking in the talent department or I just don’t like the message they are sending; promiscuity, degrading women etc.

I’m a big hip hop fan. It’s what a grew up with. But then my musical interests always tended to go toward the R & B, The blues, Jazz, Rap, gospell. Actually I like just about everything even Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. But the R & B influence always draws me first. :thumbsup: :shrug: :smiley:

I forgot to add Hip Hop has a wide following. Especially among those you would least expect. I’m caucassion and was raised in a upper middlecase suburb. People are always shocked to find I love hip hop but I was raised in a very diverse area and was thankfully exposed to many difference cultures of which I learned a deep appreciation for their music.

Hip hop is immoral, it is an anti-Christian anti-Biblical subculture that glorifies fornication, prostitution, adultery, drug trafficking, murder, gangsterism/organized crime and other kinds of immoral acts practices and lifestyles.

The hip hop subculture is also known as the “gangsta” subculture or the “pimp” subculture.

All Christians must stand against this immoral perverted subculture, this subculture is as much a threat to children as the homophile subculture.

It’s dionicean(sp?) Thereby, I don’t like it.

Gangsta rap does. There’s a lot more to hip-hop than that – it’s a very wide umbrella.

The hip hop subculture is also known as the “gangsta” subculture or the “pimp” subculture.

No, it isn’t. At least not by anyone in or around it.

And gangbanging, hustling, and pimping are in no way activities restricted to or even representative of the ‘hip-hop subculture’.

All Christians must stand against this immoral perverted subculture, this subculture is as much a threat to children as the homophile subculture.

And as usual, working in the gay angle for the hat trick!

[quote=CloneReject1138]It’s dionicean(sp?) Thereby, I don’t like it.

Dionysian? I’ve never heard anybody rapping about the Greek gods, and if you don’t like anything happy or joyous or reveling in its humanity, what do you like?

i certainly wouldn’t describe most hip hop that way. silvername is more on the money on this one. but chacun a son sale gout.

ok…again, im going to resurrect this thread from the dead…

only because i have such a strong passion for REAL hiphop. I also studied this for a short film that I made and because I am bgirl who believes that people should know the truth.

Just to start off - i want to clear up a few things =
so all you people who ‘MISJUDGE’ hiphop due to what it has become today please read -
so what is hiphop?? - ok basically, hiphop is not just a musical genre as society has claimed it to be. It actually is a mode of expression, a creative outlet etc. HIPHOP has 4 elements(listen up people) - bboying (as society calls it - ‘breakdancing’), MCing(rapping), DJing and Graffitti. Recently, beat boxing has been added to the list. However, I am just going to add - it began in the 1970s. However, do you know why it has evolved into a money, sex and party lifestyle?? It was originally due to the media attention that HipHop received. so in short - the media claimed it to be a ‘fad’ and milked it for it was worth. Then after the media was done with it - they tried to drop it soooo dam hard. It impacted pretty severely to those who genuinely lived out hiphop for its true origins. This occurred during the time when - Flashdance was released.
Also following this - the reason why hiphop music has become the way it is today. Is due to the commercialization and basically due to the white man. but just to remind everyone - HIPHOP MUSIC PEAKED A LONG TIME AGO! and pretty much this is all of what remains today. However, if you listen to rappers like Naz who speaks about hiphops state and ways that we could try to go back to it’s foundations, he shows - REAL hiphop is not dead but gone back underground.
Those who have a misconceptions or want to know more on hiphop - please youtube - BET - Hiphop vs America
Dr. Michael Dyson is probably one of the best professors who knows hiphop inside out. He debates with TI and Nelly plus other people such as songwriters, columnists and video models on the issue of HipHop - It has got to be the best/non-biased debates i have heard on hiphop!
btw - people like soulja boy, Nelly and 50 cent have got to be the epitome of worst hiphop artists.

personally, Im so sick of people complaining about what hiphop is today. I think the fact is - people should value what hiphop use to be instead of judging the whole of HIPHOP on what happened in the late 80s and early 1990s which is leading the culture to a slow death today.

It is immoral, it promotes immorality and violence, it degrades women. I don’t want to be at a traffic light and hear about *itches *os blaring out of the car next to me. It doesn’t matter what it was or could be, I’m talking about what comes out of the radio.

How many of these so-called rappers have been gunned down? And people think that’s cool? How about the cover of Source magazine with a young African-American with the word rape on his belt buckle? Huh?

It’s dysfunctional and the world doesn’t need more dysfunctional than it’s already got. It should be banned.


im sorry if i didn’t mention this before but REAL hiphop does not focus on ‘bling,’ degrading women and sex. Yes - thats where the mainstream is driving the industry today toward materialism. But they are NOT the values of the culture. Most pioneers of Hiphop would not even consider people like Soulja boy a hiphop artist - he does not stick to the boundaries of what hiphop is.

well if you dont like most mainstream music(like me) - dont listen to the radio. Don’t support today’s immodest hiphop artists. listen to old school tracks that actually mean something (Naz, KRS-One etc). no one is forcing you to listen to the trashy hiphop. besides there are a few good stations which support real hiphop - usually they are the ones which are not commercial based (abc network).

well when you think about it - in most genre’s of music there is always the good side and the bad. If you look at rock - you can get people such as Nickelback and Creed etc, which speak meaning. but then you can also get satanic rock so people like Marilyn Manson. Then you have people like Katy Perry who are pop/rock - ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’ which also speaks rubbish. Its pretty much exactly the same in hiphop. There is always going to be a divide in any genre. All we can do is spread the values and truth of what real hiphop is. Not what has come out of it because what has come out of it is not TRUE hiphop.
Hiphop was a method for African-Americans to voice their repression back in the day. But now HipHop has been exploited and taken over by companies who are commercializing the game by degrading it.

ok, ‘Gangster rap’ was actually never apart of genre of rap, until quite recently. Gangster rap originated on the west coast while rap began in the South Bronx. It only blew up across the globe during the rise of bad boy records which now today is controlled by mainstream hiphop artists. But due to people like the NWC, they have abused this area of hiphop because most of the artists use this subgenre as an accessory and a way to make money which leads to them rapping rubbish. But gangsta rap did originate as something positive. People like Tupac did experience the gangster lifestyle - he did rap about the politics of what happened because he experienced it. He serves as one of the greatest within the sub-genre. but African Americans and Latino’s back in the day actually did use rap to express the repression.

But the question is - do you know why people think it’s cool or why people like this trashy and now-corrupt ganster rap??
its because people have become ignorant - kids born in today’s society ACCEPT that this IS hiphop. Honestly, who can blame them, because this is what they hear on the radio - they literally have been taught this from the media who ONCE did try to kill hiphop. Kids or anyone needs to go back to it’s roots and understand it for what it once was - then maybe the kids of tomorrow can pick up where the pioneers of the culture left off.

I totally agree!! I think that most non-sensical hiphop should be banned. We need to resurrect true hiphop.

btw - If you want to experience true hiphop. I believe that it is no longer in the US. Countries like Ethiopia, Japan and France live out HipHop for what it really is. Also Australia has a few upcoming artists like the Hilltop Hoods, Joel Turner and the poets who use rap as a form of expression rather than aggression etc.

I wouldn’t even call it music. Bunch of sampling and mumbling.

As much as I dislike hip-hop there are some gems out there, the vast amount of hip hop is commercialized lyrical rubbish. There is however Christian hip-hop music and other sub-genres that are lyrically clean.

As to whether it sounds good or not, that’s subjective.

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