Hip Hop song about Holocaust

This is a pretty powerful song so just beware

Remedy Never again

i’m not a big hip-hop fan but this is powerful!

Unfortunately, Never Again is false, it is happening today, right in our own towns & neighborhoods!!! (Abortion has murdered 50 million innocent babies in the US alone since Roe v. Wade!!!)

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


sounds good!
listen to this -
came out last year! but i really liked it!!! :slight_smile:
came out with freedom writers!
<3 common!!

Thanks for the Song. If you like common then you should look up a song called “Between You, Me and Liberation” It is pretty inspiring.

Thanks for Listinging. Although this song has absolutely nothing to do with abortion there are some rap artist who have come out against it. In fact one of my favorite artist Qwel has made a song on it. If I can get it to load up i would like for you to hear it and tell me what you think?

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