His Holiness Pope Francis

Does his holiness still choose to remain outside of the apostolic palace apartments? I have heard so many times over how humble he is.

Yes, Pope Francis continues to live at the Casa Santa Marta.

Based on all I have heard about this, it seems that Pope Francis is doing this not to be “humble”, but to live as he always has, among people.

Here is a great post from Deacon Greg Kandra that covers this.

I read the same thing. Our Dear Holy Father is a “people” person and also attends Mass daily with staff members, both religious and secular. I find myself so drawn to him. His homily to WYD about what kind of ordinary saints we need in this world was astonishing! Our Jesuit Pastor quoted from it on Sunday and the congregation was enthralled and talking about it after mass.:slight_smile:

I read he stands in the cafeteria line to get his meals. I wonder what it feels like to have the Pope in line behind you. He won’t cut the line because he likes to be one of the guys. What a change from the last very pompous and ceremonial Pope.

What do you mean “very pompous”?

Please do not disparage His Holiness Benedict XVI in that way. He is a humble man who wanted to retire before Blessed Pope John Paul II died and was very reluctant to become Pope. He did so for the reason that he had done anything; putting God’s will before his own. Both the current Pope and the Pope Emeritus are humble and show humility in different ways.

Ya, I’m with Usige on that, and it’s important to “look down the row” at the phenomenon of the media coverage of our New (and previous) Pope. Every story / news piece seems to be just another attempt by the media to get their ‘toe-under-the-turtle.’ Once there, they can kick-it over in hopes of creating more news (note how Benedict has really tarnished in his once already-lame mass media presentation, so soon after stepping down), The media (yes one big steamy bag of nameless, faceless they) will always work to be the ones to tell you what is good and right, and who your heros are. Take that away from them at every chance.

It is good to hear about Pope Francis, but what do you (we) foster in our attempts to garner the information.

I think (to some degree) the ‘aloof-ness’ of some of our previous Pontiffs (blessed all) were for just such a reason.

i love our Pope Francis. After initially being a bit fearful of Pope Benedict, I came to love him too. He really was obedient to the call in spite of his reluctance. I think that speaks to his humility. He also had “handlers” that he could not stand up to, probably because it was how things had always been done . Pope Francis did not come with that same life experience. It is sort of old world versus new world. They are both very holy men, just different.

Agreed. Well spoken.

Yes, Pope Francis chooses to stay at Casa Santa Marta for psychological reasons.

[quote=Pope Francis]“The changes … the changes also come from two sources: what we Cardinals asked for, and what has to do with my own personality. You mentioned the fact that I remained at Santa Marta. But I could not live alone in the Palace, and it is not luxurious. The Papal apartment is not particularly luxurious! It is a fair size, but it is not luxurious. But I cannot live alone or with just a few people! I need people, I need to meet people, to talk to people. And that’s why when the children from the Jesuit schools asked me: “Why did you do that? For austerity, for poverty?” No, it was for psychological reasons, simply, because psychologically I can’t do otherwise. Everyone has to lead his own life, everyone has his own way of living and being.”


Everything Pope Francis does has to be understood in the context of who he is as a Jesuit.

Pope Francis will always be a Jesuit, and Jesuits live a certain way. He can walk away from the papacy as Benedict XVI did but he cannot walk away from being a Jesuit. Even though he is Pope, he will work, speak, act, interact, pray, preach and live like the Jesuit that he is. He is a Jesuit first and Pope second.

Many find this hard to accept but that is the way it is. If you understand Jesuits then you will understand Pope Francis.

Pope Bennedict XVI was not being pompous but doing what every other Pope of recent memory has done, including Pope John Paul II. The Pope is head of state of a nation, CEO of the worlds largest organization, spiritual leader of 1.3 billion Christians and the Vicar of Christ on Earth. Christ works vicariously through the Holy Father who personally chose Peter to be the first Pope. Pomp and ceremony belong to the Chair of Peter by right.


Pope Benedict was not pompous. What I know of him from his writing, he is very humble and close to God. It is possible he has an introvert personality, whereas Pope Francis seems a definite extrovert. Pope Benedict was also quite into traditional dress and ceremony, but it was not like he was spending his time eating caviar and relaxing enjoying the high life. He lived a hardworking simple life of service.

You may prefer the style of Pope Francis, but it is pretty harsh and unkind to call Pope Benedict pompous (what they call puffed up in scripture). I hope you have checked your eyes for logs!

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