His plans, our plans, keeping in sinc


Ok, I take to building something nobody else has builds.

I’m around others that want to help, they give tips and advice, things they think would be best for it, and I’m at a spot where I have to consider it, yet move forward and complete my tasks ignoring the suggestions and input. I get my job done, the project is built, just as it has been built in the past using the same procedures and techniques and system.

I take their advice and input, put it into action, in most cases it blows up in my face, in others things actually work better, yet the former is by far much, much larger percentile then the latter result wise.

I look back thinking, perhaps I should have followed the original plan, that I already had a working system, it all worked perfectly, everybody was happy, I wasn’t wasting time and resources playing around with these new ideas. Sure, I still tinker around with them when it’s not a critical situation and I just want to see if it works under a situation where nobody is going to be adversely affected including myself, but it’s R and D land, and that’s just because I’m a finite being, so gotta learn and tinker from time to time.

Well, God, not being finite has already done the R and D, he also has his plan and “system” fine tuned and perfected. We as man, still have to give that advice and input, we still have to throw a wrench in the works, well intentioned be it in many cases, it’s not God’s plan, it’s ours. I spend more time these days simply taking a step back, is this what God wants me to do, is this where he wants me to be, is this part of his plan, or is part of my own. I found when ever I strayed onto my own, not his, tribulations come abound, when I steer towards him, the more I do so, the better life becomes, and tribulations themselves even though still occure are downplayed and worked out so well, it’s like on autopilot.

I choose his plans, my plans lead only to destruction ultimately.


Choosing God’s plans? But do we actually know what God wants.
He wants us to live according to the commandments and truths taught by Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

But He also gave us brains, talents, and we hone our skills and intelligence and use the free will He gave us. We entrust our sincere efforts to Him.

God doesn’t put dotted lines for us to complete the painting of our lives. We have the God-given vision, the paint, the canvas, and the talent, and we create the work of art to honour Him and to express our love and appreciation in what we create.

My personal comments on the subject of seeking God’s will

Our God, You see me anxious about discerning the right course, and then my subsequent doubts. I fear that if I misconstrue Your will, someone may be denied what You would delight to give through me. Bless them, supplying what my selfishness or confusion denies them.

I trust that whatever good I honestly attempt will be guided and transformed by You, regardless of my obvious failures. Perhaps when I die, I may discover that my present life hides the overflowing richness of Your love embracing others through my efforts and prayers.

Accept my gift of myself to You. Temper my faith and faithfulness in Your love within the events of my life. Burn away my sinfulness and apathy through daily responsibility and prayer. Let everything for which You created me, be completely fulfilled. Worship and delight Yourself in my life.


The reason I have to hesitate too often and ponder it regularly.

Excellent, now, define the commandments, not just the ones cut in stone.

And we should be using our brains and talents to work within his plans, as you state below.



I could probably quote Jesus’ definition of the commandments of love…Matthew 22:34-46
or the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7.
or Jesus definition of the last judgement, Mathew 25:31-46.


Quote away sister!!!


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