His portents


In 1 Chronicles, Chapter 16, Verses 11-12 state:

Look to the Lord in his strength;  
seek to serve him constantly.   
Recall the wondrous deeds he has wrought,   
his portents, and judgments he has uttered,   
What are the portents of the Lord?


Hey there Cyril. Nice question.

Keep in mind the Israelites were awaiting the coming of the Redeemer and therefore portents were things they were to see as signs pointing to the future arrival of Jesus. We loose sight of this factor in our daily faith walk. There were 7 specific SIGNS that would come pointing to the Messiah, they were portents - things that would show His coming and they were watching fro them. The Star that appeared to the Wise men was one such PORTENT. They were (forgive the pun) IMPORTANT and those who kept the watch like it says in the Psalm, like watchmen for the dawn, reported if they ever saw anything that may be a portent of His coming. They were part of the tribe of the Levites and were informed as part of their Levitical priesthood of the Seven Signs to watch for, as part of their service to the Temple and of course, they told others so it became known among their families what to watch for.

One of the other SIGNS/PORTENTS was that a Virgin would give birth to a Son. We become familiar with this one at Christmas as well and the first of the sign, the Star.

The miracles that Jesus worked were also Portents. When John the Baptist was in prison and his followers came to Jesus, He sent them back with the “good news” that the lame walked and the blind were seeing and a few other things. These too were some of the PORTENTS that were expected to point out the Messiah. That is why to some Jews waiting, they knew Who He was because they knew the signs to look for and saw them in Jesus. They believed without seeing. The very first one was to Gentiles - the Star they saw and followed to His place of birth, Bethlehem that’s why the “good news” of the both the Star and the Virgin birth was given to Sheperds keeping the watch at night both to let the two signs given be disseminated among the Jews, but also to sort alert the other “watchmen,” those Levitical priests who were trained in the 7 signs and how they would manifest that two of these portents had occurred and that the Gentiles, represented by the Wise men also knew.

It really is a fascinating study of the Old Testament and the New to find these things out. You can find a great deal of stuff about it if you dig. Like God said today in the Scriptures, seek and ye shall find…This is one area that I enjoyed learning about when I was a new Catholic and was finding my way around the Bible.

Hope this helped a little. Keep in mind I’m no expert on much except braised pork loin and Spanish rice. Yummy dinner tonight!


P.S. Some of this stuff still gets discussed in a negative fashion among those outside the Church to prove God isn’t the Messiah etc. to discredit our religion still. So watch what sources you search for this stuff in. It can introduce bad stuff to your study.


Glenda, Thank you for an excellent response!!!



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