His Voice: Take 2


Ok, what are your thoughts on this:

After receiving the Eucharist this weekend, I was talking to Our Lord and it was a very real conversation. He kept up His Side of it as much as me, to be honest! After I talked to Him about a few other things, I asked Him whether I should date a certain guy because my family (well, my sister ^^) says I should get some dating experience before making a final decision about my vocation. Immediately Our Lord said "No!" Then, I let Him have some time to speak to me. And He told me this: "You are My Spouse, and I am your Spouse; You are united to Me forever."

Later that night, when I asked Him why He chose to espouse my soul to His when I'm so young, He said "Because you love me as a Spouse, My Daughter."

I've asked Him for several signs about this and these words are truly His. When He told me them, I could just feel that they were His and not of my own imagination.


Sounds good to me.

Hold those words in the inmost sanctuary of your mind, because you can get no closer to HIM without being dead.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA


I love my private talk with the lord 'cos its private i accept mine as such( they may be coloured by my imagination) but unless there is proof to the contrary i accept accept it as from christ.


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