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Lately I’ve felt my relationship with Jesus Christ deepen to a whole new level. I can’t explain it, but I could tell Him anything in the world and I love Him to totally new heights. The other day, I was in my room, writing Him a letter. I was thinking about Him and how much I love Him. The only words I could get on the page were “Lord, Jesus, I have fallen in love with You.” And then there were so many things I wanted to say that I couldn’t put into words.

I was swept up in a wave of Love for my King when I heard His Voice in my heart saying “Mary, I love you! I want you to be My Bride.” Immediately, I recognized His Voice. I said “yes.” But after a few minutes, though I knew it was His Voice, I felt that I should make sure it was His Voice. I looked through my Bible and found a verse that said something like “flesh and blood had not revealed this to you, but My Heavenly Father (not exact words).”

Has anyone else had similar experiences? If so, how do you know it’s His Voice and not just something you made up in your heart?
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Yes, the Lord speaks and responds quickly. So quick it is at the thought, before the breath is finished. I is like He has been waiting since time began for the question.

Are you thinking of becoming a Nun?
No, never audible, but inside yes.

Yes. I have been since I was 12 ^^. I’m 15 now, btw.

If you truly love someone, you want to spend time with them, right? Ask your parents about taking you to adoration. Great things will happen there, because you will be in His presence. There, prayer is all the more effective - it’s meaning even more profound that what you have recently experienced. He waits for you.

Going on 3 yrs then, yes the Lord must be talking to you. Most Priests and Nuns say they are called.:slight_smile:

Yes, I heard His voice once. It was after receiving Holy Communion at a Mass for a dying nephew. I returned to my pew, knelt down and said, “Lord, please heal Zachy.” Instantly, as though a radio had just been turned on, I heard a beautiful baritone voice say, “But he’s so close to Me. Would you take that away from him?” There was never a doubt who was speaking. When the Lord speaks, you know without a doubt.

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I had two similar occurances during two different Eucharist Adoration events. One time it was some kind of voice that I have never recognized before. I asked, “Lord, Lord, what do you want of me?” I heard this voice inside me that I never heard before. He said, “Follow me. I want your life dedicated in service to me.” That was sort of a paraphrase, but I undoubtedly knew it was Him and not just my own thoughts.

Another time in Eucharist Adoration, not really questioning my vocation as it has been revealed to me so obviously, it was just as if all my thoughts just silenced, and the voice of the Father resounded in me as it did when Jesus was baptized at the Jordan. He said, “This is my beloved Son, hear Him.” That really gave me a sense of comfort.

This is going on to its third year, so I know Our Lord has something planned.

How wonderful! Yes, I’ve had those moments! So happy for you!

One evening i was sitting outside my home trying to say the rosary. For some reason i just could not concentrate then i tried closing my eyes and i heard a voice say ’ focus on my sacred heart’. I opened by eyes immediately.
The second time i prayed and asked if he wanted anything from me and i heard the word ‘confession, confession, confession’ i have been going for confession every Saturday since that day.

Praise God.

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