Hispanic Catholics

I was wondering why is there so much family desintegration in hispanic catholic families? I mean I know a whole lot of young single Moms that are hispanic/Mexican, even though they are Catholic…

Why is that?

It happens with all ethnic groups. I actually see more hispanic stable families then anything else up in New England.

Where are the sources/statistics to support your statement, which singles out Hispanics? :hmmm:

page 46, Table 15: cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr59/nvsr59_01.pdf

I was just thinking that.

A dear friend of mine is Hispanic and lives in Connecticut. He has four sisters, two brothers. All of them are in stable marriages, no drugs/out of wedlock births, etc. My friend Daniel and I were talking about illegitmacy/family breakdown, and I said, “So why do you think your family is so spectacular? None of those issues effected you guys!” His classic response, “My parents would kill us if we got divorced/knocked up/etc. We would rather live, so that never happend.” :wink:

I just love all these threads about black people and now, hispanic people.

I’m not sure that’s fair. I haven’t seen many threads like this , and if I do, I try my best to tell the OP how wrong they are.

Christianity is the best thing that unites us. Lets keep it that way.

Same reason familial disintergration occurs with every ethnicity, regrdless of religion: poverty.

And what causes poverty? Or, what are the causes of poverty?

I think the answered is “formslism” . In eastern europe you have all these “Orthodox” who dont do laundry on feast days- they dont Go to Church though- and they know all these rituals but they don’t live their faith at all. They don’t do laundry or wash their cars on good Friday but they sit and drink in the bar, kwim. Divorce is a big problem here but not as much simply because women accept infidelity as the norm kwim.

Many eastern euriopeans do divorce once they cross the ocean however. I guess they see it’s possible to be a single mom and most of these women opt for that. Sorry to say, but men are really second rate in many of these cultures. If the women were slightly empowered the family unit would cease to exist or men would get their act together.

The baptismal certificate is clearly not enough.

Well, I don’t think people choose to be in a position of poverty. Do you?

It is really unbelievable these types of threads are allowed to exist on this forum. Anything slamming hispanics seems fair game around here.

I know one thing, anyone who has spent a lot of time around hispanics, will know that their strength is their family, and extended family relationships.

Saburo, as for your table, page 46, table 15; it is meaningless to the discussion. It is taken out of context, it says nothing about economic status. , I would bet that the percentages of unwed mothers giving birth based on income level would be a lot more close across racial lines. But there no causality can be legitamately implied by cherry picking one table out of an entire report.

And what causes poverty? Or, what are the causes of poverty?

OP, please enlighten us to your views. While you are at it, enlighten us to the purpose of this thread.

Tomes have been writen on the causes of poverty. It was a much wider scope tha could ever hope to be covered in a thread like this. But the following causes are as good as any place to begin:

  • disease
  • illiteracy
  • prejudice
  • lack of access to technology

There are many, many more causes. The other thing to keep in mind is that poverty and its causes and effects are intertwined in such a way that it’s oftentimes difficult to tease out what exactly is a cause and what is an effect.

The numbers appear to be lower than whites, and slightly above blacks, unless you look at percentages only, then they still remain in the middle. So what’s the point of singling out Hispanics? I realize that’s a question for the op.

we are waiting for your evidence
link cited does not support your contention that this group is more prone than all others to form single parent families. is it too much to ask that you frame the discussion in the larger context of why two-parent families are no longer the norm in our society in general, rather than casting unwarranted aspersions on any specific ethnic group?

my work is among Hispanic families and the most immediately apparent characteristic that differentiates them from the generality of families of all other backgrounds with whom I have worked is strong families. so it seems my experience and yours differ. If you have any experience, that is.

Yes, please do.

I could not agree more. When I was practicing as an RN, I was always deeply impressed by the devotion Hispanics had to their elderly family members. When they were ill and hospitalized there were invariably tons of family members present at all times, including kids, teens and young adults, and they took great pains to keep their loved one comfortable and cared for, even if they were in a comatose state. Family mattered a great deal to them.

ahhhh… ok I’ll explain it better… I see a lot of you live in Texas… and yes there’s a lot of latinos/hispanics there too. BUT, where I live-calfironia, there’s a WHOLE lot more hispanics/latinos and a whole lot more teen pregnancies too/out of wedlock births…

But if you just google it, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Google hispanic or latino single mothers or out of wedlock births…

You still provide no statistics, or documentation, other than what you observe? You also overlook direct responses to your thread?

There seems to be a racist tone to this topic, in my honest opinion.

As a white person who is married to a Hispanic, I have come to conclusion that white people are just better at hiding their dysfunction.:stuck_out_tongue: It’s more about appearances than reality.

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