Hispanic New York Woman Killed in Botched Legal Abortion

Hispanic New York Woman Killed in Botched Legal Abortion

Queens, NY – More details are emerging on a botched legal abortion that killed a New York Hispanic woman that took place on Monday at an abortion center in Queens. Officials say 37-year-old was killed after a botched abortion claimed her life at the A-1 Women’s Care abortion center located in Jackson Heights.


That’s absolutely terrible…it’s frightening.

My goodness…how hard you have to jab and cut to sever an artery.


seems like you would have to perforate the uterus to begin with…she had to have been in lots more pain than normal during the procedure…

So sad.

In my prayer no doubt. Lord have mercy!

They seem to be quoting from the NY Daily News. One site showed the abortion mill.
What a depressing site. I hope this gets them shut down. Lord have mercy on this woman.

The New York Daily News today indicates police have interviewed the staff at the A1 Medicine facility, which does abortions in addition to plastic surgery.

bolding mine.

“The patient was transferred to the hospital, she didn’t die at the clinic,” a woman told the newspaper. “Nothing happened here.”

And since it’s NY, this probably won’t be counted in the heath statistics as an abortion related death either. :mad:

The New York state department of health lists A1 Medicine as a facility for plastic surgery accredited by The Joint Commission on July 13, 2009.

And yet, NARAL and PP fight laws to get even the most modest regulation for health and safety in place for abortion clinics!

I am sick to my stomach reading this.

That was a real tragedy.
Apparently she told her family she was having a cyst removed. I wonder if that is really what she thought, or was told…

Some NY papers treated the case as a “back alley abortion”. Whereas the clinic really has an ambulatory surgery permit, which includes plastic surgery AND abortions. Jill Stanek compliled a lot of info on this tragic event: jillstanek.com/archives/2010/01/abortion_mill_a.html

Kudos to Maria Celeste Arraras from “Al Rojo Vivo” (Telemundo), who reported the incident like a real reporter and not making anti-life/wirehanger comments. She is a real lady. She showed video of the victim’s house, and it appalled me to see a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima in the front. That is why I wonder if Alexandra Nuñez was truly notified of what the “procedure” was.:mad:

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