Hispanic voter registration spikes


This is very exciting and very good news:

Registration among Hispanic voters is skyrocketing in a presidential election cycle dominated by Donald Trump and loud GOP cries to close the border.

Arturo Vargas, executive director of the National Association of Elected and Appointed Officials, projects 13.1 million Hispanics will vote nationwide in 2016, compared to 11.2 million in 2012 and 9.7 million in 2008.

Many of those new Hispanic voters are also expected to vote against Trump if he is the Republican nominee, something that appears much more likely after the front-runner’s sweeping primary victories Tuesday in five East Coast states.

A whopping 80 percent of respondents in a poll of registered Hispanic voters in Colorado and Nevada said Trump’s views on immigration made them less likely to vote for Republicans in November. In Florida, that number was 68 percent.

It’s unfortunate that that they’re registering because a Trump presidency would mess up their lives and not because they want to vote for something positive.


A popular saying (okay, somewhat popular) is that God gives us the leaders we deserve. Perhaps God is using Donald Trump to correct imbalances in US politics and influence.


Despite Hispanics being overwhelming Catholic they vote overwhelmingly democrat. Expect Abortion clinics on every street corner and contraceptives sold in vending machines in the near future.



Not the devout ones. They will vote Republican because of abortion.

They are really not different than the rest of the American Catholic vote. The majority of Catholics in America who don’t come to Mass every weekend tend to vote Democrat. The majority of the Catholics who do come to Mass every weekend tend to vote Pro-Life.

I know many Catholics in my parish, on the committees, etc who vote Republican only because the Democrats are pro abortion and pro euthanasia (and now gay marriage, but the pro-life issues are still the main issues).

Many have flat out said to me that if the Democrats were pro Life, they would vote Democrat every time.


Where are the new registrations taking place? Because if they are happening in swing states that could be very significant, but if it’s in safe blue states in presidential elections, it could impact the popular vote but not the electoral college very much, presumably.


Yup. Hispanics are CATHOLIC. Through and through. There’ no way they’ll vote for Hilary…despite what the dem’s have always promised them and minorities.


That was knida my thought two. If there is a huge uptick in CA it doesn’t really matter. If they swing liberal it just added to the popular vote, and I doubt that there would be enough conservative swing in that state to overwhelm the liberal strangle hold.


I think you are making good points. According to the news article, most of the new registrations are in California and Texas. Both of those states have large Hispanic voting populations already, which will diminish the impact of the new registrations. However, the changes underway might help Colorado, Florida and Nevada to remain on the Democratic side. And possibly, according to the news article, Arizona might swing Democratic.


That really depends. I know many second and third generation Hispanics from immigrant families that are not anymore Catholic than a random sampling of any other subgroup in America. While the religious Hispanics I know are much more likely to strongly adhere to Catholic moral teachings, many of the children that were raised in the US are not nearly as religious as their parents or grand parents. When we taught NFP to the Hispanic community in the parish, there were just as many engaged in premarital sex, birth control, etc. as their Anglo compatriots. Unfortunately, many Hispanics in my area are lulled by the lies that Democrats will level the playing field and help them get a leg up.


The last I read, only about half of Hispanics in the US are Roman Catholic. The rest are evangelical or nones. I wouldn’t assume too much, especially if family members are still in former countries. The wall, as it were, puts the fear factor in people in a big way.


What is Trump going to give us? Instability, war, selfishness.

Look, my people, Hispanics don’t come here to cause problems. A lot of these people come and bust their behind. Yes, we have our sour apples, our black sheep, but whites, blacks, Asians, Muslims have that too. And to agree with someone who is racist like Trump and suck up to him, not worth it.


Just bc we vote Democrat?

Do you think they vote for democrat bc of abortion?

Do you think they might vote for a Democrat not bc of their abortion stance but bc what they try to do for some type of amnesty?

Just saying, your assuming every Hispanic votes for a Democrat bc of abortion. Just to give you the answer, your wrong 100%


I think if Democrats could be more moderate on abortion, gay marriage and euthanasia, things would be easier. I don’t think it would be on our life time, were they went from pro abortion, pro gay marriage, pro euthanasia to no, no, no.


Do you have any insight on the Hispanic POV of Rubio? I’m genuinely curious, because I never heard anything about that one way or the other.


This is just me speaking, this is chero23 speaking, not some scholarly newspaper, but just chero23.

I believe Rubio, nor Cruz did well nor will they do will with Hispanics nationally (they might locally) bc of the Party that they belong to. Rubio and Cruz might have great ideas and be ideal for the White House, but when you have the Supreme Court hearing the case about Obama and I believe it was about his Executive action in regards to illegals several weeks ago. And you hear the press, both right and left wing say, it all depends on what the conservative justices say.

You know as a devout Hispanic who has family trying to better their lives here, and you hear people like Trump a republican, say build a wall, your first instinct is “Heck No”.

You have to understand that as Hispanics, we are family first. You mess with the family its on. We will turn our backs on you on a blink.

I think that has been the problem for Rubio and Cruz, yes their Hispanic, but its the party that their in.


I’d say voting against something very negative is voting for something positive. Trump is a walking negative, particularly for many in the Hispanic community.


Is it really worth it to agree and “suck up” to Clinton though?

I think many people have larger issues with Hispanics than other subcultures because those other cultures don’t have large numbers entering the country illegally. I am not saying that most or even significant numbers of Hispanics do enter illegally, but it happens often enough that people get tired of it. And no I am not anti immigration, but I do think it is reasonable for a country to be able to control it’s immigration. If I just drive cross country into Canada I cannot stay illegally, so how is that any different than someone saying that they want to enforce US immigration or border controls? Do you think I should be able to just walk through doors at St Peter’s and declare that I will now be a citizen of the Vatican State?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a fan of Trump, but I think that he would do less damage to the country than passing Obama’s Imperial baton to Clinton.



I hope that in a way Hispanics get together and vote against trump.

Then hopefully we continue to ride together and change some of the moral issues that we have in this country.


How would we suck up to Clinton?
Look I wont vote bc I don’t think the republicans nor democrats have a quality candidate.

But when you put Trump, who is truly racist, sexist, is selfish, and as Hispanics wants to send a lot of our family back compared to Clinton who is pro abortion, pro gay marriage, unfortunately or fortunately the decision is simple. Don’t vote for the person who wants to destroy your family.

With the abortion position and gay marriage, as a whole we see it, that is something we can deal with at home, by educating and talking.


I normally don’t speak about politics to others, however, I did have a conversation with two different Hispanic families and they are both voting for Trump. I don’t know if they are Catholic or not.

One never knows which way it will end.

God Bless


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