Historian says piece of papyrus refers to Jesus' wife


So lets coffee talk… Watcha think friends!!! BE NICE… :thumbsup:

Because the mainstream media and the New York Times have such a perfect record on scholarship and religion :rolleyes:. . .

Oh I know, I know, even a stopped watch is right twice a day.

However, in this case (pace, Dr King). . .this isn’t one of those times.

This is, quite simply, not credible. I have seen in the past 3 decades of historical writing (and I mean historians, not ‘historical fiction’) a greater and greater tendency for the ‘historian’ to come up with a certain POV, and then ‘maneuver facts’ (or the lack of facts!) to bolster his or her theory.

This person is one of the most blatant cases in point. She has a personal theory and by golly, nothing is going to deter her from grabbing at whatever straw she can.

Wasn’t it PT Barnum who said “there’s a sucker born every minute”? I’ll go one further. There is a ‘would be historian’ born every year or so who will try to achieve his or her 15 minutes’ worth of fame by utilizing the fact that there’s a sucker born every minute who will be willing to fall for whatever supports that SUCKER’S POV". . .

I trust that was ‘nice’ enough!!

Oh oh, don’t look now, here comes the celebrated biblical scholar Dan Brown to weigh in.
I’d say this is fodder for a “History” Channel performance, but that one’s already been done. Of course, on that episode, where they present “evidence” that Jesus and Mary Magdalene married and lived on in England or the French Riviera or where ever, they never bring up the problem of why all those disciples who knew Jesus personally and were first hand witnesses to His death and resurrection, allowed themselves to be martyred for what they had to know was a lie.

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