Historical context of Bible


Looking for a book to explain the historical events mentioned in the old and new testament. The exiles, the captivity and the geological signicance to places in the bible. I’m NOT looking for a study bible. More looking for the narrative of Jewish history and early Christian life.


The Living World of the Old Testament is a course book for a course I’m taking. I think its very good.
There is a BT companion volume called The Living world of the New Testament.


Try Great People of the Bible and How They Lived. We have this book in our Adoration Chapel and it is very interesting and well done. It is available on Ebay.



Honestly, as far as a narrative of Jewish history goes, the books of the Bible (from Genesis through Maccabees) are the main history that we have left of the ancient Israelites. Other than that, the best sources would probably be Antiquities and Jewish War by Josephus.


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