Historical Evidence for Peter as Bishop of Rome?

Is there any historical evidence for the apostle Peter as bishop of rome?

I would say that the fact that the Emperor Constintine built the first Basilica of St. Peter over the Apostles tomb. and the fact that in the late 1930’s/early 1940’s the actual tomb of St. Peter was found directly under the main altar of the current basilica.
The tomb and human remains within it have been certified by internationally known scholars and scientists to be from the time of St. Peter’s death. Through modern forensic science it has been determined that the remains are those of an elderly Semitic male…a person who was not commonplace in the Imperial Rome of the time.
So, doubt all you want and you’ll be wrong!

Peter’s Roman Residency

See also the quotes under the subhead BEN STEVENS’ “MAJOR DEFEATER” OF THE PAPACY #1 of Attempt to discredit papacy uses false history. :wink:

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