Historiology of Biblical Prophecies


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Do the modern technics for dating ancient documents, can determine the validity of all Bible prophecies?.

I’ll apreciate a recomendable book on this topic.



I’m not sure if this is what you are interested in, but James Kugel’s “How to Read the Bible” does a pretty exhaustive analysis of the Bible and Prophets and compares ancient interpretations with modern biblical scholarship.


Is it based in Modern Technology for Dating ancient documents? (Radiocarbon dating, etc)
Can we talk of scientifically demonstrated propheies? Not? why?

appears the same uncertainty of the Holy Shrout chemicals?


No. ALthough there are sections that discuss the probable age of certain texts. However, it does not concern itself with dating original documents.

What scientfically demonstrated prophecy did you have in mind?


:wink: Babylon Destruction,
I watched in Discovery Channel, some findings over the Sodom Devastated Soil (rests of carbon, minerals on the surface, whose are produced only under high temperatures. Incredible!. Im a sceptic.


That does sound interesting. I’ll have to tivo it next time it comes on. Maybe if you go to their website, they may have the source material that the show relied on.


There are two problems:

The first is, what would you date? We do not have the original manuscript of any book of the Bible, Old or New Testament. Even the Dead Sea scrolls are copies of earlier books.

Second, what is a “prophesy?” There are sections of both the Old and New Testaments that some people believe are predictions of the future. But prophesy, per se, has nothing to do with fortune telling. Prophesy is simply transmitting the word of God by an inspired, chosen writer or speaker. Generally, the Catholic position is that a prophet speaks to his own time and conditions.


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