History by MSNBC: Thanksgiving is 'Colonizer Christmas' and Colonists Were Cannibals

Jason Johnson quote…

“Jelani, I want to point this out. Thanksgiving has evolved in America, just like Christmas, right? At one point, Christmas was a time for rich people to open up their houses for people to come in and get stuff. Thanksgiving has changed over time as well. I know in my family, I know several people who call it “Colonizer Christmas,” because they don’t really like the idea of what Thanksgiving represents.

JELANI COBB: Sure. Or even think about it: that original Thanksgiving, you know, where the colony was starving, and, you know, anthropological research suggests was in such dire conditions they had to resort to cannibalism to remain alive.


There are only a few times when families get together.

This is what the dishonest DNC media has descended into.


Even if this was the case, which is debated, it hardly suggests the colonizer were cannibals on an ongoing basis by choice .

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I don’t understand the practical end of these complaints, like what do they think will happen by denouncing the holiday.

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Misery likes company ? That’s all I can think of.


“Colonizer Christmas” sounds like something made up by snarky millennials who don’t want to have to sit through Thanksgiving dinner with relatives who voted for Trump. Ho hum.

Let’s be honest here, most people don’t really care about dissecting the history of the holiday. They just want to eat turkey and pie, watch ball games and TV specials, then do Black Friday shopping. Somebody else doesn’t like it that’s their problem.


Tom Cotton

November 21st, 2020 represents the 400th Anniversary of the arrival of English pilgrims in what would become the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The date has passed with little fanfare, with the legacy of some of the first English-speaking peoples to arrive in the New World largely forgotten, ignored or slight

Regrettably, we haven’t heard much about this year’s anniversary because the Pilgrims have fallen out of fashion in elite circles.

Just this week, The New York Times food section published an article that called the Pilgrim story, including the First Thanksgiving, a “myth” and a “caricature.” In place of these so-called “myths,” the liberal newspaper seeks to substitute its own, claiming the history of our nation is an unbroken tale of conflict, oppression and misery.screenshot-www.google.com-2020.11.22-18_32_58

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