History Channel Show "Proof of God"

Did anyone else watch the two hour special on the History channel last night titled “Proof of God.” I usually watch all of these shows and then sit there steaming about the negative portrayal of religion (it’s one of my favorite pastimes). But, this one was pretty good. Not all of it, but it did a great job, I thought, of explaining that science and religion are not mutually exclusive. It even went further to explain how one helps you understand the other. The first half of the show spent a great deal of time at the Vatican’s Observatory and they always gave a Catholic Priest the ability to share their opinion on all topics discussed.

Did anyone else watch it and what was your reaction to it?

Hey thanks… Haven’t seen it, but it does sound interesting. Hope it’s on again.

I had no idea it was even on. I’m bummed that I missed it. I’ll have to look for a rerun of it. Usually the History channel will show a documentary several times over a couple of weeks when it is a new one.

Thanks for posting to let us know this was on! I’m definitely going to watch it if I get the chance.

My apologies, the title of the program is actually “Proving God.” Again, it was really good and I would love to know what others think after they get a chance to see it.

Yes!!! I did see it and was also pleasantly surprised at the amount of time spent on the Catholic perspective without making us sound like we’re still chasing down Galleleo:D

I saw the title flipping through the channels but decided not to watch it considering how awful History’s religion-themed shows have been. Well, that and that I don’t need their proof for my own faith. But I’ll keep my eyes open for a rerun.

To me, religion and science are two sides of the same coin. They offer different perspectives on God’s Creation, and, given the limitations of the human mind, just about perfectly complement each other.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. They make that exact point in the show. I hope you get a chance to see it because it seems you had the same cynicism I did when I first turned it on.

HAHAHA, OK, so I’m not the only one that watches Secular shows on religion and then end up yelling at the TV. My wife asks me, “Why do you watch those shows if they make you so angry?” - which is a fair question. I don’t know why I do, except maybe that I love to hate them??? hehehehehehe

I missed it. Does anyone have a link to the video? Does History Channel allow you to stream past shows on their site?

Have you watched Lee Strobel’s movie “The Case for A Creator” ?
He isn’t Catholic… but I like a lot of the points he makes. My nephew even used some of his basic reasoning in a Philosophy paper about the connection (or incompatibilty) of Science and Religion.

I’ve always believed that we need BOTH Science AND Religion to give us a full picture of our world. That they are 2 tools, different, yet complimentary. Each one, imperfect and blind to a certain degree. Science telling us HOW, but not IF we should, nothing about philosophy, morality, etc. Religion can tell us why something is important, if we should do something, but it can’t always explain how things work. BOTH are needed to bring the world into full focus.

No, you are definitely not the only one. I get all excited when I see one of them on and immediately try to decide which of the false arguments I will hear on the show based on the title. Then, usually less than five minutes in I start talking out loud to the show saying things like, “No, that’s not even true.” And, like your wife, mine questions why I put myself through it. I’m glad to know I’m not alone :wink:

I have been trying to find a way. I actually DVR’d it, so I am looking forward to watching it again. Having said that, I don’t believe they have any streaming options. I do know you can buy the DVD for $19.99, but they will almost certainly play it again, probably within the coming weeks with Christmas coming around.

No sir, I have never seen that one, but on your recommendation I will. And I completely agree with your sentiments that we need both. That was the crazy thing about this particular show; It was the first time I have watched one where they specifically made that point. Instead of trying to “disprove” religion because a scientific explanation, or in some cases theory, was provided, the intent of the show was to show why these scientific discoveries actually prove God’s existence.

It was quite a shift from their usual programming and I was looking forward to two whole hours of yelling at the TV!

I think that I happened to actually catch that one when I was channel surfing yesterday or the other day. Which is why I can offer here that the presentation that I watched was being made by a collared priest (therefore he was a diocesan priest).

I do know that it was not Fr. Robert Barron, though. HIM, I recognize.

From what I heard presented it sounded to me as if the man was making a soft-pedal presentation of Aquinas’ proofs of God’s existence.

I make it a point to watch the ending credits. There was all kinds of listing of priests… an O.P. (Dominican) was one of them. Maybe the Domincan listed on the ending credits provided some of the research and/or text for the program. I say that because we can tell if a man is a Dominican by his white, hooded habit. Such as what Fr. Brian Mullady, a Domincan priest, with whom I’ve had occasion to take a one-day retreat a few years ago when a local retreat house hired him to give a day-long Ash Wednesday retreat that year.

Or, I may be misremembering. I hope whatever channel on which I saw it will broadcast it again so that I can double-check my memory of what I saw in the ending credits.

Theology says "God did.

Science attempts to say “how it was done.”

Catholic magisterial teachings say that there’s no conflict between theology and science. At all.

Another reason I love that I’m Catholic. I don’t have to do all the figuring out by myself when there’s this centuries and centuries long unwrapping of the two with NO conflict between the two.


No, but I did see the History Channel show giving conclusive “proof” that Squatch exists.

They believe in Squatch but not God. It reminds me of the old saying, those who will not stand for the Truth will fall for anything!

Let’s all remember that tee vee shows sell commercials.

As in … “follow the money.”

Every since the “History” Channel started running ghosts, monsters and UFO spook shows half the day, I stopped considering it a reliable source for “history.”

Might have to see this one, though.

Sasquatch is a totally SECULAR phenomenon-----nobody has a problem believing or disbelieving in him from a religious perspective. Belief in Sasquatch has no bearing on whether there is a God or not, really.

With God Himself, that’s another matter entirely.
That leans in a religious direction.

Good thread. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

There is a problem with believing in Sasquatch from an evidentiary perspective. That’s the point. The Sasquatch Channel as Fr. Pachwa calls it, is not a reliable source of information. That is the point of my post.

The show is available on youtube, search for “Proving God”;
I share your opinion on documentaries from History/nat.geo/discovery …
I watch them for the small details that I can get: places, facts, monuments, things etc
Also for different opinions on different matters.

Jews were certain of the existence of God, they had the Ark there…
They were bribed to worship other gods. They thought the other gods are alike, and they started to worship them because they thought is more profitable.
Interesting how Jew people kept the faith while being slaves, and lost it when they were owners.

Now people pretend there is no proof…actually the challenge is different

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