History Channel Special on the Ark of the Covenants claims to it to be a drum


I was watching a documentary about finding the Ark of the Covenant and the host claims that the Ark is a drum.

That is a lot of bull. The Ark is exactly what it is describe in the Book of Exodus.

Anyway else saw this BS documentary?


Saw a little bit of it and my mind wandered off after a while. Too many suppositions and their supposed “evidence” was not much more than conjecture by the guy presenting the show.

After 30 minutes I just changed the channel and watched Transformers Animated.


Ahhhhhh, you wanted to watch something that was more believable!!! I agree! :wink:


What in a nutshell is the basis for the Ark being a “drum”?


He he. I guess so. And much more entertaining too.

Besides everybody knows the Ark was found by Henry Jones Jr. a while back and is now in a military warehouse in the US. :smiley:


Anything about religion you see on History Channel take with a pinch of salt. They are pretty much anti-Christian and specifically anti-Catholic.


Ooh, I wanna make a History Channel documentary. Mine’s about the Abominable Snowman running for Congress in 1942. He would’ve won, but FDR had J. Edgar Hoover rig the election. Sound good?


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