History Channel's "The Gates of Hell"

I’m currently watching a program on the History Channel called “The Gates of Hell”. This program basically shows/discusses the seven locations of the world that are believed to be gates to Hell. Is anyone watching this? Thoughts? Opinions?

Yes I just watched part of it. Some of it is clearly superstition while one or two cases are debatable as to if these places can actually be gateways to hell.

We live in an age full of conflicting ideas and information mixed in with misinformation. I generally don’t watch the History channel as an objective source of information anymore but mostly for entertainment for this reason.

I think alot of documentaries now on the channel and also Nat Geo take a subjective biased perspective against, christianity, jesus and the bible in particular. I would take what is said on these channels with a pinch of salt so long as it steps into matters of faith and morals in particular and research the suject matter on my own.

I completely agree. I have basically stopped watching the history channel because I got tired of their blatant anti-Christian bias in so many of their documentaries. They take such a skeptical view of Christianity that they try very hard to explain away everything the Bible says.

Did they go to “Mel’s hole”? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mel%27s_Hole

They show ‘The Davinci Code’ three times a day. The History Channel has become very sad indeed.

It is sad, but that seems to be the fate of specialized cable channels. If they want to grow bigger, they need to attract more viewers, and the way to do that is to produce watered-down programs with an emotional hook. A&E started out out as “Arts & Entertainment”, a fine arts channel showing things like orchestras and operas. It didn’t go well for them. :o Yet, about a decade later, Bravo tried the fine arts approach… only to meet with the same results. Both had to adjust their business model, and the History Channel seems to have done the same.

Thankfully, the internet allows the kind of narrowcasting which was promised with the advent of cable television, but which hasn’t been fully realized (although there are some very good cable TV shows.)

Ah “The Davinci Code”, truly very historical material there. :stuck_out_tongue:

No they just show it on repeat for the entire day, every day those terrible, terrible people. I just love exaggerating don’t you?

I saw part of it. The baptist minister who preached we are are totally deprived and a very Calvinistic theology was deeply disturbing. To me it appears he is leading his “flock” terribly astray.

What I did not like was the constant flipping from some catholic context back and forth to this baptist minister. It may lead one, who is not grounded in his faith, to believe that this baptist ministers view IS the view of christianity at large.

I try to avoid religious topics on the Heresy Channel. I stick with Pawn Stars and American Pickers. Most everything else is sensationalized garbage

Ice Road Truckers!

Actually, I thought “Gates of Hell” was more about the traditional, folklore places on earth, thought once to be a gateway to Hell. The Baptist was too much.

I watched only a little of it and it seemed to me that most of what they said about Catholicism was either misleading or simply wrong. It might have been helpful if they had an actual Catholic look at the script…

This program is way way off. They didn’t even show my work place. What the hay?


I’m not exaggerating by much. You could bet you would see it at least once a day not to long ago. And I have seen them play it on repeat before. And then there is always the historical Dinosaur fights. Very enlightening.

I watched it and it made me laugh.
But I did learned something:
there is a group running around calling itself “the old catholic church” :eek:

I also “enjoyed” the stuff about Nostradamus, and how the church was basically jealous of his “accurate” predictions. :ehh:

In my old hometown parish, my Mother has a friend who was Baptised and COnfirmed into the “Old Catholic Church” there, thinking it is the actual Catholic Church and who is still convinced of this and recieves the Eucharist regularly at our Catholic Parish. When the issue is brought up she is not willing to discuss it. Its very confusing since, visually, the “Old Catholic Church” worship service tends to look a lot like an authentic Catholic Mass.

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