History Channel's The Real Face of Jesus

Did anyone see this show that History Channel did? Finally something that was respectful to Christ. I believe that is what Christ looked like. The reality of the scourgings and bruises from his sufferings made the Crucifixion come alive to me also.

I didn’t see the show but I did see the bust of Jesus’ head. I liked that a lot because it’s a very historically accurate picture of what He would have looked like.

Can you get me a link to a picture of the Bust?

According to the History Channel it will air again- Saturday, Apr 3, 8/7c

I LOVED it. I DVRed it and I have a feeling I will be watching it over and over.

When they applied the blood stains to the body, it took my breath away.

Respectful, fabulous explanations…I think I’ll put it on again this morning!!:thumbsup:

I found this on YouTube for those who weren’t able to see it.


Same here!! I watched with my husband and a bunch of friends and we all gasped when they did that overlay.

I thought this was the most fascinating and compelling study of the shroud that I have seen yet.

Although we all were in total agreement that the whole Gnostic slant was so totally unnecessary, and at times very inaccurate. It was as if they were using (inaccurate) Gnostic beliefs to validate what they were doing. The science and the results stood fine on their own - they didn’t need that garbage to make it make sense. Otherwise it was a very well done program and just amazing images.


I only saw a commercial of it so I hope to watch it this weekend. Note to self: write reminder on calendar to watch! :cool:

Thank you very much.

I totally agree. The show was CAPTIVATING!

Bumping this thread up as a reminder that this program will be airing again tomorrow night at 8 p.m. EDT. :thumbsup:

That is fascinating… but based on genealogies recorded in the Bible, Jesus couldn’t of looked like that. We’re dealing with a historical figure.

They’re just taking an image, and then most likely using computers, and deciding on their own what features, whether it be skin color, hair color, hair texture which they of course can’t take from the shroud. So to me, it’s someone or some people’s estimation of what they think Jesus looked like, taking some influence from the shroud, but it’s not very likely to be 100% accurate.

It’s an estimation of what Jesus looked like from whoever is behind the making of it.

I’ll be at Easter Vigil and I have no clue how to operate the DVR LOL… I can take apart & put back together a computer, but I can’t figure out the dumb DVR. Probably because I literally never watch TV. Perhaps I can get my daughter who watches TV non stop to record it for me… hopefully.

Have you even seen the program? :rolleyes: Yes - he does say that there comes a point where you have to leave solid proof and use some conjecture. They are fully aware of that. But try giving it a chance before you blast it.


I haven’t seen the full program but I’ve seen the video and the artist’s impression of the face of what they believe to be Jesus, taken from the shroud. But that’s all it is, it’s an artist’s impression, it’s not historically reliable and the image doesn’t fit with the genealogy from the Bible.

Divine Mercy and Shroud of Turin

I thought it was fantastic also! I could not believe that scientists did not mock Christianity and the best part was when the scientists said they do not know what the Shroud of Turin actually is but they could definitively say it was not a fake or forgery! It was not the work of an artist; Their was no paint at all to be found; It was real blood, etc. They even doubted the previous radio carbon dating as flawed! I will watch it again tonight!

It’s on tonight, but I’m going to be at the Easter Vigil. I hope it’s on tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to watching tonight!! :yup:

I was reading the schedule and it’s replaying again from Midnight until 2am. I might watch it, however I have to wake up at 6 AM for Mass.

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