History majors: Can you answer this question concerning (Black) US History?

I was doing a lot of educational video-watching some time ago, saw a documentary about Lincoln, then one about Truman… my mind was tired or lazy or wht have you (age :frowning: :hypno: ) :smiley: … and I got my information mixed up. One or the other of those 2 Presidents, @ one time, had thought that Blacks were inferior to Whites, intellectually… But then he went to a school that taught Blacks (Catholic school :slight_smile: ) and changed his mind…

Can you tell me which President it was??

I don’t know about Lincoln, but it was Harry Truman who desegregated the armed forces. I don’t know if that was because of what you said about a certain president with antiquated attitudes about blacks, but it would certainly make sense. Try googling it.

Before the Emancipation Proclamation, blacks weren’t even viewed as citizens, but as property. And obviously, Lincoln did not subscribe to this notion.


I remember reading, that at one point in his political career Abraham Lincoln advocated sending slaves back to Africa to be free since that is where they were from, Im not sure if thats a clue at all, but I guess he changed his position.

Does this have to do with Liberia?


thanks for the info… though the question is not yet answered. I may have to re-check out those videos and watch them again… which i probably need to do anyway since i don’t always retain things very well (obviously:rolleyes: :smiley: )…

I know that whoever it was, he visited an integrated school and i know it was a Catholic school because only Catholics (I believe) were bothering to teach Black children at that time in non-seg schools… The video, of course, didn’t mention that it was Catholic, which totally figures… Most history books (videos) don’t talk about Catholic stuff, how the Catholic missionaries converted the Indians, etc… but i suppose that’s another subject…

Anyway, Lincoln always wanted to free the slaves but i am not so sure he always thought they were intellectually equal with Whites… until he found out otherwise… He just believed that they were equal regardless of that… :slight_smile:

We may still have slavery if it weren’t for him… or someone like him… Lincoln was a very interesting person,

But anyway… thanks and God bless… :slight_smile:

Here’s an article on the Jim Crow laws that might help answer your question…apparantely several presidents thought that blacks were intellectually inferior.


I just kind of scanned it so I don’t know if its exactly what you are looking for but maybe it will help.

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