History of Catholic Popes

Has anyone written ~ A History of the Catholic Popes ~? thanks.

I have read it but where? when? whose?
But … be aware of the point of view. A History of Popes written by an Anglican English is different from the same subject written by a Catholic Theologian. Totally different. As for the viewpoint of the Eastern Churches not connected with rome, I do not know.
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I don’t know a book by that specific title, but I would expect Ignatius Press would have have something reliable. www.ignatius.com

Yes. Ludwig von Pastor. If you go here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_von_Pastor you will find links to several of his volumes online.

I’d like to read about Leo X :smiley:

Hello, Pfaffenhoffen from Germany.

Is the European English different from American English? . .

About 25 years ago Oxford University Press published “Dictionary of the Popes.” It contains a listing of each pope and aniti-pope with a short biography.

Yes, it is: you have got the undergroun, the british the subway ! There are dozens of English nowadays. There is an English spoken by the American Black, which is considered a variation of English. even within the States. A friend of mine from Arkansas went to University in Florida and said that she did not undertand her teacher for 3 months till she got the accent.

There is another English: the Internationational English, when a chinese speaks to a german. We do not care if the english or american understand us, we care to understand each other. It is called the “lingua franca” like in the middle Ages we had the Latin.

What other kind of Popes are there?

There is the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, and the Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria.

Many years ago, I read a history of the Popes written by a priest. The last pope in the book was Pius XII. The author was very up front with his history and didn’t whitewash anything - some of the Popes were clearly not God’s first choice, but He protected His Church from error through it all. Sorry I can’t give you a specific title or author.

It looks like someone has already published that work.

Charles Coulombe wrote book “Vicars of Christ: A History of the Popes”. I have it, and it is a fine book that details not only the lives of the Popes, but also some historic events that occurred in our Church during their reign. It is very informative and I highly reccomend it. Not to mention, at the end, it has some VERY important (and somewhat overlooked) Papal documents, such as the Oath against modernism, and the Syllabus of Condemned Errors by Pius IX. The book is very organized and separates many of the Popes by eras and ages (Apostolic Era, Crusades, etc.)

~ Pius :knight1:

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