history of the Rosary

I have heard different accounts of the Rosary.

  1. Mary instituted it in an apparition.
  2. Irish monks in the 12th century.
    saints marching to their death had a crown of roses on their head. After, the people would pray by sliding their fingers over it.

It is a pious devotion of peasants begun in the Middle ages. It began as the peasants heard the monks praying the breviary daily. They of course did not have the time to pray the psalms. What they did pray was the Our Father 150 times. At first they used rocks to count the Our Fathers or Patre Nostras, 150 being the number of psalms in the Bible. In time, beads were strung on a rope to make counting easier.
Still more time passed, and the Our Fathers were replaced by Hail Marys and the Glory Be’s and segmented into decades. St. Dominic is credited, along with other Saints for spreading the popularity of rosary among the population.

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