History of the Saints


Can anyone tell me when the discussions around the change to the Calendarium Romanum (the ‘delisting’ of some saints) started. I understand it was effective on January 1, 1970, but I have a recollection of my grade 7 teacher telling my class about it, and that would have been in 1966/67.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Absolutely I can tell you, as my one Aunt was a Vatican City Libararian and another Aunt labored for the Italian Government in Rome. When Vatican City opted to enact Vatican Council II, It decided also to establish many reformations. What happened in these reforms included much contemporization, implementation, revisions in the matters of Doctrine, Sacraments, Liturgy, and Cults, as well as the reorganizing of archaic ecclesiastical practices. As we know, there are innumerable Servants Of God, Venerated Venerables, Beatified Blesseds, and Canonized Saints, and indeed the Church understands that there are definately more Saints than are officially Canonized. However, the Church in Vatican Council II decided to due an in-depth re-evaluation of many of the Canonized Saints and found the the process that many were precisely lacking material anthological evidences for Their actual lives and deaths. Therefore, during Vatican Council II, some of the Saints that fit this such described situation were voided from the official universal Calendarium Romanorum leaving more room for the Feast Days of more newly Canonized Saints that irrefutably existed on historical record. Some Saints such removed were very popular, including: Saint Barbara, Saint Christopher, and Saint Philomena. However, just simply because these Saints were removed from the Calendarium Romanorum due to lack of historical evidences does not by any stretch of the imagination indicate that They were “De-Canonized,” or that They do not actually exist, for the One, True, Holy, Universal, Roman Catholic, & Apostolic - Christian Church is infallible, as it has never erred and shall never err, and no single word that it ever taught can be revoked. The Church removed Them from the Calendarium Romanorum for only bluntly practical purposes, as I said, to make room for historically evidenced and more newly Canonized Saints. A Saint that is Canonized by the Church does not necessarily have to have any historical evidence for that matter among the people, for if the Church declared a Sainthood then the Sainthood is without doubt. In preaching and instructing the worship of these Saints taken from the Calendarium for centuries upon centures, Their existence is unmistakably known, and Their Cults, Devotions, and Feast Days, continuing to be officially recognized, approved, and endorsed by the Church, should and must continue to be observed by all people of Faith.


For the record the reformation of the official universal Calendarium Romanorum was enacted by the Pontificium Consilium under the reign of Servant Of God Pope Paul VI in March, 1965


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