Hit and Run-please offer prayers!

Please pray for one of our families that use to be in our homeschool group. Their oldest son (14) was hit on the way to school yest. a.m. and was critically injured. He actually died and his parents who were following the ambulance were stopped by an officer to tell them he had died… The mom called our hs group to pray the Divine Mercy for his soul. Prayers went out throughout our area. At the hospital the revived him!!! and now he is hanging on to life-he is in a coma and has 3 contusions on his brain, BUT not too much swelling at this point. But he is alive! Pray for all to glorify God!!! and for His will.
The boy’s name is Casey.

I will definitely pray for this young man. Praise Jesus that he is alive now!

Casey and his family will be in my prayers.

I will recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet in an hour for him.

All things are possible in Christ.

God be with them all.

God Bless Young Casey, I will be praying for this sweet child and his family. :amen:

Praying for Casey and his family. :frowning:

If anyone in the central time zone would care to join me you can pray along here:


Will go and pray for Casey and his family right now.



I prayed and will include in my evening prayers.

Father, save him

Prayers for Casey here too…

We just got home from the hospital with Casey’s parents. They don’t know too much more. He is in a coma and they will keep him medicated for 3 days, then bring him out to assess if he has damage to his brain.
His parents are doing incredibly well and are truly feeling the Grace of God surrounding them. He is still very, very critical. They do know and believe that God could do ANYTHING with this and are standing FIRMLY ON THIS. I was blown away by their faith. That is the prayers!!! Please don’t stop. If you wake up in the night please pray the Rosary for them.
We brought them our school statue of Our Lady and we prayed with them, and told them about the prayers going across the continent! That really means so, so much.
God bless you all

Oh, they found the man who hit him. A 22 year old. Please pray for him also.

Thank you for keeping us updated. Prayers will continue. :gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2:

Praying for Casey…


Am doing so MaryBeth, thanks for the update, will keep them all in prayer. When we prayed our Rosary and Chaplet I remembered them.

Casey is stable and the Dr’s attempted to wean him off some of the meds. He opened his eyes when his mom talked to him yest… He needs surgery to put a pin in his leg, has a broken rib, and has pnemonia. The family is trusting God for His plan. Please remember them through the weekend as they assess his brain capacity and do surgery. THEY FEEL THE PRAYERS HAVE SUSTAINED THEM!!! :yup: Thank you and keep them coming!!!

Thank you for keeping us updated. We will keep praying here on our end.

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