Hitler: "in the life struggle for this living space lies also the basis for evolution

Hitler, Adolf. written 1928, later published as Hitler’s Secret Book. From Chapter 1, “War and Peace” linked to from
Countless are the species of all the Earth’s
organisms, unlimited at any moment in individuals is
their instinct for self preservation as well as the
longing for continuance, yet the space in which the
whole life process takes place is limited. The
struggle for existence and continuance in life waged
by billions upon billions of organisms takes place on
the surface of an exactly measured sphere. The
compulsion to engage in the struggle for existence
lies in the limitation of the living space; but in the life
struggle for this living space lies also the basis for

 In the times before man, world history was primarily 
 a presentation of geological events:  the struggle of 
 natural forces with one another, the creation of an 
 inhabitable surface on this planet, the separation of 
 water from land, the formation of mountains, of 
 plains, and of the seas.  This is the world history of 
 this time.  Later, with the emergence of organic life, 
 man's interest concentrated on the process of 
 becoming and the passing away of its thousandfold 
 forms.  And only very late did man finally become 

 visible to himself, and thus by the concept of world 
 history he began to understand first and foremost 
 only the history of his own becoming, that is, the 
 presentation of his own evolution.  This evolution is 
 characterised by an eternal struggle of men against 
 beasts and against men themselves.  From the 
 invisible confusion of the organisms there finally 
 emerged formations:  Clans, Tribes, Folks, States.  
 The description of their origins and their passing 
 away is but the representation of an eternal struggle 
 for existence.
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