HIV being spread mainly through homosexual relations in Spain (CNA)

Madrid, Jan 6, 2009 / 12:10 pm (CNA).- The Anti-AIDS Independent Committee in Spain has called for behavioral changes among homosexuals in order to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, as 2007 data confirms that the disease is more prevalent in the homosexual population.

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Why should this be a surprise to anyone in Spain, the U.S., or anywhere else? In spite of trying to blame it on tainted blood, dirty needles, etc, homosexual relations is still the number one cause of HIV/AIDS. But nobody wants to believe it.

HIV/AIDS is spread through sexual promiscouity…Africa has one of the largest populations of HIV/AIDS infected and most are “straight”.

Yes, they just don’t want to accept responsibility for all the millions of people who are dying from it.

They just pretend to be straight because its so unacceptable there. It’s spread by the homosexuals.

Hard to argue with “logic” like this.

Supporting evidence please?

I guess one blind assertion begs another.Why oh why would the disease be spread PRIMARILY in the rest of the world through homosexual anal sex but in Africa primarily through hetero sex?It defies logic.I think that the Africans aren’t telling us something.Is the a culture of bisexuality or omnisexuality if you will?

Its not known for sure. The higher rate of STDs in sub-Saharan Africa may be part of it - lesions allow easier transfer of HIV. The common practice of having multiple concurrent sexual relationships is also considered to be at fault.

But to get back to Spain, the article is right that reducing promiscuity is a good solution. However, given the experience of the United States, I am not sure if anyone knows how to do promote this. The practice of “sero-sorting” (HIV+ persons only having sex with HIV+ persons) is a next best step, but that depends on the honesty of one’s sexual partner and frequent testing.

[quote=the CNA article]“Thus, in 2007, for the first time since 1994, there were more infections through homosexual activity than heterosexual,” it said.

I wasn’t aware that Spain had such a significant problem with heterosexual HIV.

Do you even know how HIV Came to be? If you don’t you have no right to say that only homosexuals get the disease. It’s just becuase homosexuals don’t use cantraception. Thats why it tends to spread so fast. Also, it’s thanks to promiscuity, (something that affects both hetero and homo).

HIV is most likely to come from Bush Meat, the equivalent of Wild Game. Most likely someone caught a monkey affected with HIV, got infected through blood contact and there it spread. Also, other game (monkeys that were infected) could have been caught. Blood contact, sex, drugs, the perfect trio to spread.

PS. Check out what Bush Meat is, and you’ll find out that its animals caught from the wild. Look up monkey pox, but aids is just tends to take longer and spread farther and rear it’s ugly head before anyone figured what was happening.

St. Paul was right to describe it as a kind of madness.

That’s in large part because child “marriage” and genital mutilation increase the chance of infection in some African populations, and malnutrition also leaves the immune system already weaker. Injury of any kind makes transmission of HIV much more likely. Sodomy usually causes injury, though it isn’t always noticed, and this makes HIV easier to catch.

This is surely a squeemish topic, but I’ve always wondered if that member of a couple, ahem, receiving the bodily fluid isn’t more vulnerable to picking up HIV than the man who is … depositing them.

If that is the case then one would expect heterosexual women to have a higher infection rate than hetersexual men. Is that the case? If so, then homosexual men who tend to, um, alternate between being giving and receiving the bulk of bodily fluids would be expected to more readily spread the virus, no? Or is the first suppostion wrong entirely? Do hetero women get HIV more often than hetero, non-drug using men?

Yes, your surmise is correct. It is easier for a woman to be infected from a man, than a man to be infected from a woman.

A well known Doctor in Toronto(now deceased) Morton Schulman did a study on this very issue and he conluded that women provided a “firebreak” for heterosexual men as it is mechanically much more difficult for hetero men to be infected by women.I reiterate that it is primarily a disease germane to homosexuals who have anal sex and those who share needles.I am aware of a famous American athelete who CLAIMS to have been heterosexually infected but there are those within his community who contradict this.

Just because it is easier for a woman to be infected by man doesn’t mean it is impossible for a man to be infected by a woman. I’m aware of married couples where the transmission took place female to male.

I think its bisexual

In my lifetime, I was involved in the homosexual culture, & I never ceased to be amazed at the number of men, married & A lot of them Catholic were deeply involved in homosexuality. They did their thing & then went home to their wives

I read several years ago (can’t remember where) that the preferred method of birth control in Africa is anal sex!

This made me chuckle, what an oxymoron. Homosexuals couldn’t use contraception even IF they wanted to…there’s no creative act in there at all!

Perhaps a light on the africa situation…many could use anal intercourse as a means of birth control for heterosexual relations.

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