HIV Resistance Through Oral Sex? [this is not medical advice] [Popular Science]

A new study suggests repeated exposure can help produce resistant antibodies

It has long been known that contracting HIV through oral sex is rare. Klara Hasselrot of Stockholm’s Karolinska Institutet recently wrapped up a study–detailed in a forthcoming paper in the international AIDS journal AIDS–that might shed some light on why this is. It provides the first-ever evidence that humans can develop resistance to HIV in their saliva. . . . Obviously it’s a bad idea to go around willy-nilly having unprotected oral sex with HIV-infected . . .

Obviously this is not medical advice, just news. I wonder if it will give any insight for scientists working on a cure or vaccine.

even if it doesnt its very interesting. there are so many layers to immunology and pathogenic microbiology that we dont understand yet.

personally i think we need to adapt electron microscopes so we can use them on more living tissues and see what is really going on. the more we know the more we can do.

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