HIV resists attempts to cripple it with gene editing


It’s tempting to treat gene editing as a cure-all: surely you can end diseases and viruses by changing or removing the qualities that make them dangerous, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple. Researchers trying to cripple HIV by cutting up its DNA (using CRISPR) discovered that some virus samples not only survived the attack, but mutated to resist these incursions. The host T cell actually helped things along by trying to repair the cuts, inserting DNA bases and creating a mutated virus that couldn’t be detected by the immune system.


Maybe the only cure is to stop doing what spreads it and let it die out by itself. God Bless, Memaw


We should not stop trying. Even if one agrees with people “reaping what they sow”, there are people who innocently get the disease. And we don’t want it mutating on its own into something that can spread by more casual contact, or by mosquitoes, etc.


While that sounds simple, not everybody who gets HIV gets it from sinning.


I didn’t take Memaw’s contribution to this thread as implying that the only way people get HIV is through their own personal sins.

However, one thing is clear: HIV is spreading due to sin - there is a distinction between the two (spread through personal sin and spread through sin).

And yes - I agree that we should continue to look for a cure.

With that said - it is quite possible that the only cure is to stop immoral sexual behavior that is making this disease rampant.

I pray that a cure can be found.


Of late I’ve been reading about inexpensive Naltrexone and its lesser known low dose form. Naltrexone is a prescription drug used to help people over come drug addiction. It’s blocks a narcotic drug from causing a high. (One has to be careful with naltrexone as it can bring on withdrawal symptoms if not careful.)

In low dose form, LDN has been found to help many autoimmune diseases and with AIDS patients. There are a few web sights on LDN mentioning its ability to greatly help improve the health of AIDS patients. One write up on LDNs use as treatment looked impressive I thought.



…After the trial I began to use low dose naltrexone in my private medical practice. I was able to do so since the drug is FDA approved for another use which is the treatment of heroin addiction, at 50mg./day.

A year ago my staff and I evaluated the results associated with the use of naltrexone in 158 patients in my practice. Only 10 were on antivirals. The results were quite striking. Patients who had taken the drug regularly as prescribed (compliant) showed no drop in CD4 cells. The average CD4 number in these patients before starting naltrexone was 358, and the average 18 months later was 368. The 55 patients who had not taken the drug, or had taken it only sporadically (non-compliant), showed a drop of CD4’s from an average of 297 to 176 in 18 months. This represented a drop of approximately 80 per year, roughly the usual rate of drop in patients with HIV with no treatment. Thus, low dose naltrexone had completely stopped the CD4 drop. This stabilization of CD4’s was accompanied by an arrest of disease progression. The 55 non-compliant patients experienced 25 opportunistic infections, and the 103 compliant patients only 8. Survival was also significantly different between the groups. There were 13 deaths among the 55 non-compliant patients and only one in the group of 103 compliant patients. Some patients in this study have been on naltrexone for as much as 7 to 8 years, with no disease progression CD4 drop and no evidence of resistance to the beneficial effects of the drug. None of the patients experienced side effects. See chart below…


I didn’t say everyone got it from sinning. I don’t believe I even mentioned sin. Nor did I say “reap what they sowed” those are your words not mine. I remember how it first got started and how it did spread in the beginning. It may very well be out of control already. BUT if it can be prevented from spreading any further, it will eventually die out. And may save future generations from suffering from it. They sure don’t seem to be able to come up with a cure. Who knows where this will end. I know 2 people that have died from blood transfusions, before they found out that was one way it spread. And I know one that got it from his “partner” and both have died. I also know a women and her baby that died from it because her unfaithful husband gave it to her. He has also died since. It is a tragic situation and many suffer because of it. God Bless, Memaw


Thank you, I agree, God Bless, Memaw


That is very surprising the HIV virus is that ‘intelligent’, meaning, it can recognize an attack on its own DNA and take actions to overcome/ bypass it…that really tells me something much greater must be going on here…maybe this is God ‘throwing a wrench’ into modern man trying to do things on their own?

I do agree we should continue to find cures treatments for HIV, but strangely I dont hear much about HIV anymore, seems like it stopped being a major issue back in the late 80s, early 90s.

But I would say, the death of innocent people due to HIV (sin) is nothing new, other peoples sins have always had their innocent casualties.


Something that seems to be little known, it is possible to be diagnosed with AIDS without an HIV blood test.

The AIDS test is called the Bangui definition. How it works is if a patient presents different symptoms believed common for AIDS such as diarrhea, weight loss, etc then a diagnosis can be given. It is a test largely used in Africa and Asia were blood testing can be expensive and unavailable. The Bangui test can be read about here:

“1985 World Health Organization AIDS surveillance case definition”

My understanding is that also In America it is or was possible to also provide a diagnosis of AIDS without an HIV test. You can see about that possibility in this short video.

“Diagnosing HIV without using an HIV Test”


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