HIV transmission between women rare, but possible: CDC


The case occurred in Texas in 2012 and involved two women who were a monogamous couple for six months. One of them had HIV, and the other did not. The couple routinely did not take any protective measures during sex, and had engaged in sexual activity that resulted in the exchange of blood through abrasions…

While the risk of HIV transmission between female sex partners is low, it can occur when bodily fluids such as menstrual blood and vaginal fluids come into contact with a cut, abrasion or a mucus membrane (the tissue that lines body cavities such as the mouth and vagina), according to the report /.


Once after a delivery, I was in a room with another mother, and went to bathroom. I sat on toilet seat first and quickly thought to check it only to realized that the whole seat was smeared with blood and it wasn’t mine. As a precaution, I got checked for HIV.



And sharing needles, promiscuous intercourse, etc. A lot of heterosexuals contracted HIV this way without ever having engaged in sodomy.


She said after delivery. It is very much an “open wound” at that time.


This has been known to be possible for a long time, it just has a really low chance of happening.

I find it ironic that some people go on and on about how all the STDs apparently get is proof that it is morally wrong, by this logic lesbian sex is more moral than heterosexual sex because it has an even lower chance of transmission of most STDs.

I have a feeling HIV was transmitted in this case because of sharing sex toys without cleaning them.


It’s possible that HIV could be a man-made virus. The reason why is because medical scientists are capable of engineering new viruses for various objectives (example). And they have an interest in finding ways to suppress the immune system for things like preventing organ transplant rejection. It could be possible that AIDS started out as a controlled experiment and then got out of hand.


AIDS originated in Africa. It was a primate virus that transferred to humans. The type of transmission they are describing between these two women is nothing new. Not only is there always a risk with discordant couples, any time there is skin abrasion, blood to blood transfer is possible. That’s why it’s recommended you don’t share razors or toothbrushes with HIV positive family members.


That’s the story that was put out. I’m always skeptical of any popular information that gets put out that is closely tied with a heated political issue.


Simian immunodeficiency virus.


Impressive sounding words. But I’m still skeptical.


Yes, you are so right. For the past few months, I have been picturing Gam197 as a guy. So when she wrote " I was in a room with another mother," I blew right past it. :blush:

Thanks for the reminder to slow down. I’m sorry Gam197.


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