Hmm... Senior moment that lasted all day?


Okay, now I am pretty nervous.

I just finished watching a DVD (Cost of Abortion from St. Michaels Media. Very good!)

I wanted to take a brief walk outside.

Today was also the day my housekeeper comes to clean up after me.

Well, in looking for my shoes, I could only find a mismatched pair where I usually take my shoes off. One black and one brown shoe; one left, and one right.

But stacked neatly on my shoe rack were the mates to these shoes, put there by my housekeeper. I have not touched my shoe rack in weeks.

I have this terrible suspicion that I wore one black shoe and one brown shoe to work today. :eek: :blush: And I never noticed and all of my co-workers were too polite to mention it.

Well, that appears to be one of the three signs of getting old. :o


You aren’t old…in about another 40 yrs you can say that!! Anyone could have made that mistake. Just a little absent mindedness rather then a senior moment; you aren’t old enough to blame it on ‘senior moments’. :slight_smile:


Must have been a Junior moment. :smiley:


I was very careful to check my shoes this morning.

No more letting my mother pick out my clothes for me, match my socks and set out my shoes! (She is blind.) :slight_smile:

(Just kidding about my mom; she does not set out my clothes. But she does “match” the socks when she does the laundry. Suggestion: Do not let blind people match socks. Unless they are your mother; in which case, always check!)


Thats not getting old, that’s called making a fashion statement! :smiley:


It happens to the best of us, rpp…even my kids who are much younger than us, are absent minded. Quite frankly, their fave saying is…“I forgot, mom.”:rolleyes: They cannot claim age as an alibi! lol

I would encourage you to possibly take a very good vitamin b supp…it can help with concentration. (and clothes coordination):wink:


Here’s a solution: attach a piece of yarn from one shoe to the matching—this is very important other.
You know, like mittens when you were a kid, waaaaaay back then.
It’s your call whether you want it to be a short (shoe-to-shoe) or long (up and down pant legs) piece of yarn.

Either way, problem solved.

Happy to be a help-


Somehow, I think tying my shoes together is an(other) accident waiting to happen for me. :slight_smile:

And the idea of a string going up one pant leg and down the other seems odd. I think it would feel funny when I walk. :eek:


if you can still bend down to put on your own shoes, you are not old yet, so no fair claiming “senior moment” to cover such lapses. when you do get up here, the obvious solution will occur to you, slip-ons, all in one color if you need more than one pair.


It is not an age thing. It is a geek thing !:thumbsup:

I did that when I was in my late twenties-early thirties. One of the admins at work gave me such an hard time that I had to go back home to change my shoes.


Nope, nope, nope, a senior moment is when you get ready for a doctors appointment, drive there and go into the office, and they tell you you don’t have an appointment scheduled:confused: You swear up and down that you do indeed, leave the office miffed, then when you get home to check your calendar, you realize your dog was the one with the 1 o’clock appointment (at the vet) not you.:o :blush:

And I’m 14 years younger than you rpp:p How pathetic is that…


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

That is so me! :rotfl:


Well, I had a Wednesday moment. I got the mail from my P.O. box at the post office, assumed that all of it was mine, and accidentally opened a bill that belonged to the individial next to me. Now I feel bad.:blush: :doh2:

In the past, I found a band-aid on my elbow I didn’t ever remember putting there. And no clue as to why I needed a band-aid there in the first place.:confused:

I’ve had other ‘mis-placed brain’ moments.


Okay, that struck me as really funny. I’m glad I checked this thread. My night was really stinky until this chuckle.
God bless.


I have found a very simple solution to this seemingly-universal problem. 90% of the time, I wear the same pair of shoes. :smiley:


I only have a few pairs of shoes and they’re so different that there is no way I could wear 2 different ones without noticing.

Now socks, that’s another matter. I’ve been known to often wear 2 different socks – you know that darn washer eats at least 2 in each load and never matching ones!

My 2 different socks are carefully chosen according to a specific criterion: they’re both the same general color or they both have a square/argyle/round design or they both have an animal or they’re both Christmas themed, etc, etc. It’s quite possible that nobody would figure out that my socks match in some way in my mind but they’ll be so used to seeing me with what they consider unmatched socks that when I get to the point where I’m too far gone to notice the difference they’ll think I’m still normal. :smiley:


This sounds like my Monday last week. The kiddos and I have our regularly scheduled holy hour late in the morning. Well later that afternoon, I looked at the clock and realized it was Monday and we hadn’t left the house yet. Guess who we didn’t get to go visit that day. :frowning:

Thankfully, the lady before us is VERY understanding and doesn’t mind spending an extra hour. I think being pregnant with young children helps my case a bit.


You can afford a housekeeper??? :rolleyes:

You pay good?


I am pleased to announce that today I am wearing matching shoes. :yup:


Well, between me and my blind and elderly mother, I definitely need one.

And the wage I pay her is based on Catholic Church’s teaching about paying employees a just wage. :slight_smile:

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