Hmm, the Mormons came to my door again.

. . . and I’m not sure what to think about this recent visit. When they stopped by our neighborhood earlier in the Fall (two different missionaries then, early September I think) I gave them my Catholic testimony, had some pleasant conversation thereafter and they went on their way.

So, tonight two different ones came to the door again. Long story short, I invited them in–I mean, it’s five degrees out, for goodness’ sake–we talked a little bit, and the one gentleman said that I must be used to talking to people from the LDS Church (probably because I didn’t slam the door on them and that conversation usually comes easily to me, who knows).

But when I told them we were Catholic and how I became Catholic, what I didn’t expect were their questions about why I considered the Catholic Church rather than the LDS Church, and what were some differences that made me become Catholic.

Egads, “some” differences??? Basically, and caught off guard, I just said the temple rituals, eternal progression, their idea that we can become as God is. . . and of course, they nicely refuted the “as God is, man may become” issue. Then I just said that, as a Catholic, I have the fullness of the faith, something I never had as a Protestant. Some other conversation followed, after which I offered them each a small bag of homemade oatmeal cookies I’d just baked earlier in the day, and bid them farewell with God’s blessings.

The thing is, though, is that I feel like I failed somehow. And I’m not sure why this is??? Maybe because I was caught off-guard by their questions about being Catholic, rather than their just accepting it and moving on? In hindsight (gah, and I always think better in hindsight) if I ever encounter them again, I can say with all truthfullness that they DON’T have the Real, True, Living Divine Prescence in the Eucharist! But, will they refute even that?

And more concerning, will they come back?

They’ll come back - for the cookies if nothing else. :slight_smile:


I really like the way you handled it. Instead of coming off as a know it all, you showed the humanity of the Church. No, we don’t all have the answers…part of our tradition as Catholics is that we are constantly learning about our faith. You evangelized successfully. Perhaps you planted a seed of doubt in their minds, and one day they will come to see the real truth.

Chances are they (maybe different folks) will come again. You have been receptive to their visits, so they are probably writing your address down on the next list :slight_smile:

Oh no, are you serious?

Hey you did fine. Dont forget, stand back :smiley: they are professionals, they probably have been trained for your questions.

There are entire courses you can go on to speak to Mormans, you did fine on your own.

I remember a JW lady that would come by. She was this stereotypical totally sweet little old lady with gloves and a pill box hat. One felt like the devil sending her off.

I used to jam out and send my son to the door :blush: shed leave a book and move on.


Hi twosweetgirls, their approach was planned. Often missionaries around specific neighborhoods live in the same group home setting. Personnally, I like identifying thier missionary homes where 8 to 16 missionaries are staying during their mission and go to their house. Good missionary homes, keep files about neighbors, by name and address. They know when someone in their area moves in for example, they will make notes of what was said this round, what threw you off, what they had problems with, etc., and possible fulture approaches. So, even if it is “different missionaries” expect there to be a continuation of the last round. And, get their address, to send a bus load of priests to their house.

So, my advice is take notes of the last two meetings, look for overlap. And, plan your next approach, so you can take the lead in your presentation to them.

cookie monster

Okay, I just got the cookie monster part. I was all, wait a sec, his name says “Daniel”. . . :stuck_out_tongue:

And, seriously? They’ll go back to their house with my cookies and be all "wow, she got rattled when we asked her about Catholic differences. . . " and write it down for next time???


I can speak from my experience with JW, and a Mormon friend’s drunken stories (yep…drunk as a skunk…FUNNY…I got to see her under garments. LOL). Back to the point…

yes, notes are kept about who they speak to and what was said. Kinda creepy? These are mostly good folks with good intentions, but in order to make their tume useful, the usually target those who are more receptive to their messages.

But I wasn’t receptive to their message in the least! I was just being kind–in light of the fact that it’s only five degrees out, for goodness sake.

However, they’re interpreting that as being “receptive” to hearing all about Mormonism, in the hopes that I’ll convert?? Geeze, that does creep me out that they’re more than likely home now, planning their next attack. :frowning:

Having been a Mormon missionary myself, maybe I can offer a perspective.

The missionaries spend about 12 hours a day getting doors slammed in their faces and being called “colorful” names. If you show them a bit of kindness, they like to think that perhaps you have been touched by the spirit and are a possible prospect for conversion. So they are likely to come back at least once to give you a try.

When I was an elder in Taiwan, the people who treated me with the most genuine kindness and patience were Catholics. They had a real joy that bothered me, since they were the Whore of Babylon :wink: . But those contacts I had with joyful Catholics - who loved their faith and weren’t afraid to say so - planted a seed that 26 years later helped to bring me to the Catholic faith.

God bless,

When I see the missionaries walking down the street I yell “hey, are you Catholic”?

they then scream "NO"
and then I scream

“well you should be”

they always look confused after that.

I gave some Mormon missionaries some green tea once (it was almost in the negatives and snowing… I thought I’d be nice). Nice fellows, if a bit confuzzled.

The last time the missionaries were at my door, I politely answered everything they said with, “I am not interested.” May as well have been talking to a plant, as they just kept on talking like “I am not interested” meant “please tell me more”.

They finally stopped talking and said to call them if I had any questions. I said, “Thanks, but I am not interested”.

lol I agree on the constantly learning part. These two kids, about 20 years old tops, came to my door calling themselves Elder This and Elder That. I thought it was kind of pathetic, actually. I’m 31 and still consider myself pretty ignorant of the faith, though I’m trying to let it sink in. Seems to me if you can be an authority on your religion at 20, then it’s a pretty shallow, selfish religion. Meh.

I have a question. Do Catholics see Mormonism as just one more heretical Protestant denomination, or do they see it as not Christian at all (like Protestants do)?

Also, do Catholics think that Mormons can gain a genuine relationship with God through their religion?

But then that is just my :twocents:

Now lets sit down and have a cup of :coffee: :smiley:

I think you did great; I never know what to say to those people, mormon or j.w’s. I get more j.w’s then the other…but with them I’ve only had to say I’m Catholic and not accept their literature, I haven’t seen them since, well for a long time anyway.

I just saw this on the JW thread in this forum:

Originally Posted by JDHallKY
I was reading this post and the other thread talking about Mormon missionaries, and both of you seem to have shown great Christian hospitality toward them.

While I believe that is good, I’m always a little wary of inviting JW’s into my home, based on the warning in 2 John,

If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him in your house or even greet him; for whoever greets him shares in his evil works.
What do you all think?

I think that’s what I’m going to do. If they show up again, I will NOT invite them in. I will politely and accurately say the one reason I’m Catholic and NOT Mormon: the EUCHARIST. Then I’ll bid them thanks and farewell. I should have mentioned earlier that my husband was quite angry that I’d invited them in–his anger was justified; really, how did I know that they weren’t just two hoods “in disguise” wanting to rob us or something? That alone made me think twice; the Scripture above just ran it home, both on a spiritual level and a physical-safety level.

On the other hand, Jesus went and talked with tax-collectors and prostitutes. If no one talked with people that have a different view, next to no one would ever get converted to Christianity. The scripture you cited, I think, is intended to prevent non-Christians from getting the impression that you find other people’s beliefs acceptable. I think it’s meant to prevent showing any support for other faiths.

Also, back in the time period that this scripture was written, I don’t think you had people going door-to-door, chatting about their religion. Things were done differently. So if the person came to your door, they were expecting serious hospitality and maybe a sleep-over. That might support their activities.

And I doubt that Mormon missionaries would physically attack you, myself.

But that’s just my POV . . . obviously, do what you (and your husband) end up thinking best :).

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