Yes, they had to take a pot shot at the RCC, but funny, I havent heard nearly as much about this in the media as the RCC sex scandals…

Jennah Bramow, one of Lindsey’s accusers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, wonders why there isn’t more outrage.

And here’s her answer from the same article:

“Students must be protected from sexual predators and abuse, and teachers must be protected from false accusations,” said NEA President Reg Weaver, who refused to be interviewed and instead released a two-paragraph statement.

But when Catholic bishops said and did the same thing they were vilified.

And here:

The AP investigation found efforts to stop individual offenders but, overall, a deeply entrenched resistance toward recognizing and fighting abuse. It starts in school hallways, where fellow teachers look away or feel powerless to help. School administrators make behind-the-scenes deals to avoid lawsuits and other trouble. And in state capitals and Congress, lawmakers shy from tough state punishments or any cohesive national policy for fear of disparaging a vital profession.

And the same thing happened in many dioceses–it’s normal human behavior–bad behavior, but normal. But when bishops did the same thing they were demonized into maniacal monsters who had no regard for children, which was hardly the case.

Most teachers and principals belong to very powerful organizations that cater to the liberal left and are, therefore, darlings of the liberal media. They aren’t going to go after teachers like they did Catholic priests because they are hand-in-glove with the NEA and the AFT.

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