Hobby Lobby’s Green family meets with Pope Francis

From Religion News Service:
Days after discussing the U.S. Catholic bishops’ fight over contraception with President Obama, Pope Francis met Monday (March 31) with members of the Green family, the Oklahoma billionaires whose company, Hobby Lobby, took their challenge to Obama’s contraception mandate to the Supreme Court last week.

The pope met with Obama on Thursday for the first time, touching on some hot-button disputes between the White House and U.S. Catholic bishops.


“The purpose of the [Green’s] meeting was to thank the pope for the loan of items to the exhibit from the Vatican museum and library,” said Jennifer Sheran of DeMoss, the Atlanta public relations firm that represents the Greens. “The pope did ask how the (Hobby Lobby) case was progressing.”
Now I realize the timing is probably purely coincidental, but…I must admit that I love how coincidences seem to work from time to time.

Another headline you could put is:

Shocker! The Pope is Catholic!!!

Good one!~I’ll wait eagerly for the Press to figure that one out.

Pretty cool



You know I never realized that Hobby Lobby had Catholic owners. I had assumed they were fundamentalist Protestants. Is Chick Fil A owned by Catholics as well?

The Greens’ are evangelicals. The Holy Father is not limited to meeting with Catholics.

I wonder what items he loaned them.


I’m more surpised actually they wanted to meet with the Pope. Evangelicals are often perceived as being pretty much anti-Catholic.

I am joyed to see these divisions and barriers breaking down. The openness of Pope Francis has no doubt a large part to play in that.

The new revelations by Forbes about HL’ s investments in the abortion pharmaceutical sector will have relevance to all this. I wonder if Pope Francis is aware of this yet?

Here is an article about it. I’d say investing in companies that are developing new products is worse than giving employees an opportunity to use services/drugs that go against you personal beliefs. I’ve felt the whole time that this is more about not liking Obama than paying for contraceptives.


Before we jump to conclusions, the magic question is this: Did Hobby Lobby know that the mutual funds offered as part of their 401(k) invested in the companies that make those drugs?

Do you know all of the companies that are part of the mutual funds financing your retirement? I know I don’t. Its easy research to find out that Obamacare causes you to spend money on things that violate the tenants of your faith. Its quite a bit more research to find out about where all of the money in a mutual fund goes, especially since the mutual fund managers invest and divest in companies frequently.

So to say its all about not liking Obama really isn’t supported by the facts, unless you know for sure Hobby Lobby intentionally invested in mutual funds that they knew were investing in manufacturers of abortafacients / contraceptives. Do you know this to be the case?

I think we need to be very careful about judging people’s intentions and hearts.

I have mutual funds in Fidelity. I have no idea what they invest in. I’ve started a fund with Ave Maria. I know they will invest ethically.

Is that his job?

However, there are funds that specialize in meeting peoples religious or moral principles. The owners of Hobby Lobby could have set up plans that only offered those funds. On T-notes, or tax-free munis.

Yes they could have. Do you know that did not? Even if they did not, does this mean they intentionally invested in a fund that has part of its investments in something immoral?

Does this necessarily mean they “just don’t like Obama?”

My company contracts with an investment company that only offers specific mutual funds. The funds vary by level of risk and whether they are international or not. They also offer bond funds. So if I invest in one or more of the funds available for retirement, and I have no idea who they invest in, does that make me a hypocrite for opposing the HHS Mandate?

Only if you are a conservative running for office. Then it’s ok to drag you through the mud for imputed malevolence. They did it to Mitt Romney too.

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