Hockey fans? Who's your team?

My husband is working oodles of hours these days–into the evenings…He has missed posting here. I am posting this on his behalf…he is obviously cheering for the Penguins! They are actually doing quite well, from what I can see.

So, who is your team? I admit, I’m not a hockey fan like my dh, but these final games leading to the Stanley Cup are really exciting to watch!

**GO PENS!:slight_smile: **

Hurricanes, natch! Sadly, they missed the playoffs this year. My guess is that if Brindamour had been healthy, we would have made it.

I must say I am pleasantly surprised on the run the Pens have been on in the playoffs. Go Pens!!!

:thumbsup: :smiley: :yup: :clapping: :extrahappy: :bounce:

ME TOO! I didn’t realize that another thread similiar to this started already in ‘back fence.’ But, one can never tire of talking about THE PENS!:smiley:

:thumbsup: Go Pens!

Ok i have been watching these threads for a while and haven’t had anything to say but you are all rootin for the Penguins and being from out side of Philly i just have to chime in and say LETS GO FLYERS!!! Im not a hockey fan but ive been watching them sence they have been in the play-offs and there really playin good finaly a Philly team that actualy doing something.

Hmm, since I live in HOCKEYTOWN…

It’s the Red Wings for sure!

My favorite team is the most successful hockey team in history…The Habs.

My dh and I were chatting about this the other night…it would be great to see Philly vs Pittsburgh. I remember living in the 'burgh, and we had a loathing for Philly…haha But, their cheesesteaks are sure good.:smiley:

[quote=But, their cheesesteaks are sure good.:smiley:

Hahaha funny you mention that me and my friend where just down in the city and ate over at Pats’! and you are right they shure are good! But on the other note it would be awsome to have a PA rivalry match between the Flyers and Penguins as long as the Flyers win :thumbsup: only time will tell

I root for the greatest hockey team in the world, the Red Wings, of course!

Of course, the Blackhawks, who did not make the playoffs again…BUT…we have the best young team in the league. WATCH OUT!! :stuck_out_tongue:

In the playoffs, I’m partial to Dallas cuz Modano is the man. I still like Roenick with San Jose, even though he left us years ago…he was a nice man when I met him in college. Philly I don’t mind…they’ve always had players I like too. And I’m glad Pittsburgh beat the Rangers cuz the Rangers have Shannahan who came from the evil Red Wings :rolleyes: …

If your chickenhawks are that bad, you may as well join that team from HOCKEYTOWN! If you can’t beat them…

‘HOCKEYTOWN!’ Puh-lease :wink:

Living in the area I have had the opportunity to go to ‘The Joe’ for a few games. I took a friend from out of town to see the Wings play the Flames a while back. It was 2 - 1 Wings with about 10 mins left in the 3rd. We were right down by the glass and it was great. People started leaving in droves. My friend asked me, “It’s a one goal game half way through the third and these people are piling out, isn’t this ‘Hockeytown’?” I had to inform him that sadly, the Wings fans had made thier ‘appearance’ and it was time to beat the traffic. They didn’t really care about the game’s outcome, save a few rabid fans. Flames ended up coming back to win, it was good fun. :slight_smile:

GO PENS!!! :thumbsup:

It is a good thing there is at least one hockey team left in the Playoffs (du Wings of course).

They will dispose of Dallas in 5, and then make short work,(5 games) of either the Penquins or the Flyers.

Osgood is really Osgreat. But there is just too much team for anyone to overcome.

Stanley is coming home to an Original Six, where it belongs…:thumbsup: :smiley:

I know this will come as a shock to all of you. But my favorite hockey team is …


We beat them this season pretty regularly… :rolleyes:

What the Red Wings did to Colorado:

is the same hurt they will put on the Stars and anyone from Penns.



And just where did that get them? They haven’t been good since Chelli bolted.

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