Holder: U.S. 'a nation of cowards' on race

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday described the United States as a nation of cowards on matters of race, saying most Americans avoid discussing unresolved racial issues.

In a speech to Justice Department employees marking Black History Month, Holder said the workplace is largely integrated but Americans still self-segregate on the weekends and in their private lives.

“Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,” said Holder, nation’s first black attorney general.


This is ridiculous to me. A few years ago President Obama said the problems of racism were 90% solved in America. Now that he is President, his attorney general says that we are a nation of cowards. Who is the nation of cowards? Is he including himself and his President in this mix? :shrug:

If I didn’t know it before, I now believe this is going to be a looong four years…sigh.

Talk about stirring the pot. Of course, this could be a tactic so they can charge anyone who is not in lockstep with BO with racism and “hate crimes”.:mad:

Another reason to hope the policies of this “administration” fails.

Yes, interminably long…:rolleyes:

Yep we’re so racist. That’s why a biracial man is now President and he couldn’t have been elected without a large number of white voters.

If Mr. Holder wants to be honest about race, he should also discuss why black babies are disproportionately targeted for abortion.

Instead of assuming people are “self-segregating” he could think maybe some of the people he sees gathering for meals are families, who share genes. Maybe full social integration takes time because every generation grew up in the world made by the generations before it. A partially integrated school and neighborhood produce thousands of graduates who socialize with people they knew in school and around the old neighborhood sometimes, and with a more mixed group from work and church and the new neighborhood at other times. The following generation then lives in almost-full integration and then a generation grows up in full integration and their old friends are as diverse as their new friends. That’s good, and is coming soon, and is already the life of a large part of young America.
How strange that the very people who think it’s so tragic to become parents before getting an advanced college degree expect generations to turn every ten or fifteen years.:shrug:

Well, that’s a leap. What do you base that on? It sounds a little paranoid to me. I don’t see the government’s top lawyer whining and playing the race card.

Cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face?

I disagree with him calling the country a nation of cowards, but I think that issues concerning race are often ignored. And, if you read his entire remarks, they make sense. I can remember folks in the sixties saying that minorities wanted ‘too much too soon’. Then in the seventies they stated that all that discrimination stuff was in the past! In about five short years!!:rolleyes:

That’s what so weird about Republicans and conservatives. They think that their (obvious?) sensible rhetoric will just attract folks in droves who never voted Republican before. I continually challenge them about when was the last time they made a **personal **invitation to a different ethnic person to some function.

I forgot to tell everyone how in my area MLK day is traditionally observed: You go to lunch with someone of a different ethnic group or at least someone you don’t know well. Ethnic divisions are not going to heal themselves.

Folks should check out the “Eracism” movement.

43% of whites voted for Obama.

I think the Attorney General is correct. The US is long overdue for an ongoing discussion about race. I find it startling that so many people think that the election of a black president means that we are suddenly in a post-racial society.

What the heck is a “post-racial society?” In any case, any conversation about race will simply be a continuation of minority politics as blacks and other demand their share of the pie.

I apologize for being obscure. To me, the phrase “post-racial society” suggests that race is no longer an important consideration in political, economic, cultural, and social affairs.

Why not? It looks to me that electing a black president shows that Rev. Martin Luther King’s dream was achieved. Anyone in this society can achieve anything that they want. Even if they are black. Even the Presidency of the United States. I think the only higher titles that this are sainthood, angels, and God. Those positions however are not up for popular vote. Yet, they are making a movie about a black Jesus so, in popular vote, these positions have been determined.

And how did he become black anyways given that his white mother raised him? I thought he was biracial. :shrug:

Goodness, I thought we’d been discussing race for the past year. “I don’t look like those other Presidents” “Jesse Jackson” “I denounce Rev. Farrahkhan.” “I can no more disown Rev. Wright than I can disown the black communty.” “She thinks she’s entitled to it because she’s white.” “He’s just voting for him because he’s black.” “when yellow is mellow, when the red man can get ahead, brown can stick around, white will do what is right”

If you ask me, the problem has nothing to do with discussing race at this point in time. The problem had to do with doing serious research into the solutions to problems in America related to the legacy of slavery and making serious effort into solving them.

Solving problems like singleparenthood, prison population, STDS, inner city schools, welfare and poverty, victimization mentality, idolization of rappers/singers/gangsters instead of scientists and saints is hard.

Ethnic politicians have no interest in healing racial divisions. They make their living by exploiting them. Blacks blame whites
for the miserable state of black communities, and change the subject when social pathologies such as widespread bastardy are raised. That is because blacks, for the most part, have abandoned the traditional family, even though fifty years ago they still embraced it. So they laud the single mothers even though the practical result of fatherless homes is a huge black prison population, consisting mainly of prisoners convicted of victimizing other blacks.

Gimme a ‘for instance’.

Like when?

Black folks were not immune to the sexual revolution since the sixties. Lots of unmarried white mothers, too. Your statement is too much of a blanket allegation.

I think they accept the fact that you can’t unring a bell. No one is ‘lauding’ births to single mothers. It happens and folks deal with it. Your post contains many stereotypes unsupported by facts. That’s what biased opinions consist of.

One of my best friends while I was in the army was a black man from Washington D.C. And this was back in the mid-sixties. We shared duty together, and spent a lot of off time together. I guess we were ahead of our time.

If you think about it, Holder may have been correct, though he used some polarizing and extreme language. If we are going to make progress on the racial divide in this country, we have to get outside of our ‘comfort zone’.

The GOP seems to think this will happen by ‘wishing and hoping’.

Yes, and its too easy to self-segregate to avoid such discomfort. I worry that the internet and specialized mass media only make this self-segregation (about many things, not just race) even easier.

I’m not so sure about that. Certainly the experiences of minorities are different from the experiences of whites and even of men. I think more opportunities are denied to minorities than we should be comfortable with. Simply because one black man became president doesn’t change every thing else in a society. But I do agree, from what I have read, that Obama’s election as president has given hope that such barriers will ultimately fall.

He became black by identifying as black, throughout his life. But you are right that he also embraced his white family, too.

You think such things are related to the legacy of slavery? Its an interesting perspective. Would you be willing to explain this more fully?

Holder’s right. We are a nation of cowards. After all, look at who we elected for Prez.:slight_smile:

Let me help you with your point. Why was Obama elected? Because Americans want socialism and progessive anti-tranditional agenda? Nah. Most blacks voted for him because of the color of his skin. Most white liberals voted for him so they can feel oh so nice and enlightened. “Look at me I voted for a black man. Aren’t I open-minded?” Then there’s the white, “I do what Oprah says” crowd who use brain cells sparingly.

Thus, he was elected because the majority are cowards, afraid of being called racist or afraid of having to actually work.

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