Holidays with religious origins?


are they permissible for catholics?

for example, my mom is chinese and we usually celebrate chinese new year. it’s not really considered religious anymore ever since communism and there are some tradition which remain which can be superstitious if you let them. like eating fish brings your wealth. not that there’s anything wrong with eating fish but we usually explain it a different way, like if we receive wealth, it’s from god; not anything to do with the fish. it’s just a traditional food. some other activities, include fireworks, cleaning the house, giving red envelopes to children also had religious/superstitious meanings but are not really wrong in themselves. and most people don’t follow these religious meanings anymore.

what do you think?

what about other holidays that may sitll have religious meanings?

like ramadan for example? would it be wrong for catholics in islamaic countried to participate?

or hebrew catholics? do they sitll celebrate some of the jewish holidays?



The very word means ‘Holy Day.’


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