Holier than them


“My friend, the inestimable Robert George, likes to ask his college students how many of them, if they lived in the South before the Civil War, would have opposed slavery. They all raise their hands. “Bless their hearts,” says he, and then he advises them what their opposition would have cost them”

Well, we would have opposed evil, of course. Wouldn’t we? But it’s always easier to oppose the evil of another age rather than the evil of our own age. The article continues here:

Holier than them


I had a sociology prof who asked how many of us would have supported Hitler. I was the only one who raised my hand. I don’t know how long I would have lasted as a Hitler Youth, but I would certainly have been swept up in the excitement.

The reason I’m so sure of this is that I did belong to the Young Democrats for a while, & was briefly involved in several very liberal political movements. :smiley:


It is one thing to be raised with the idea of slavery being ok since it is all around you and the people you care for seem to think it ok.

But it would be quiet another thing if a person moved into an area of slavery when they were raised in thinking freedom for all.

Who doesn’t have a hard time giving up wrong ideas especially if they were deeply engrained.

Psalm 50
Turn your face away from my sins and wipe out all my transgressions; create a pure heart in me, God, put a steadfast spirit into me.


Well, Jesus told us, we would be hated just as they hated him, ‘they’ Im assuming is referring to the secular world/ secular authority.

Its easy to look back and see how those that actively opposed hitler, slavery etc were indeed hated by many people, but look around in modern times, how many people are hated over this kind of thing?

Personally I cannot see any evidence anyone hates me, If we are not actively opposing or at least disagreeing with some type of evil or immorality, what reason would anyone have to hate you for it? (see the problem?)


It is unlikely that any of them would have opposed Slavery. Most would probably

It is very easy to look back at the heroes of the past and pretend that you would have been among their ranks. The thing is, it is arrogant to think that way.

If those students lived in The South during the era of Slavery, they wouldn’t have grown up with their modern and enlightened ideas. They would have been taught that slavery was justified, that slaves were not really humans, and several other horrible things. Some might have seen something to dissuade them of this (such as seeing a slave get beaten to death for nothing), some might have been raised by Quakers or anti-slavery radicals (though not all of them).


My God. I can’t believe anyone would even debate this question.

Yes, of course the vast majority of us would have tolerated slavery.

There is no question. Consider, we live in a county that has murdered 50+ million children, just by abortion. And for the majority of people, it is tolerable. As long as we don’t have to see it or clean it up, it’s not my problem. The German people were not too troubled by Auschwitz til they had to walk by and smell it. Then it was a problem. Before that, hey, the ashes help my garden grow!

Thank God that with slavery there came a critical political mass that opposed it. But that is still “might makes right”, ok?
Yes the cause against slavery is just, but it was only abolished by amassing enough force to abolish it, not because we are a virtuous people, or because we began to love black people.


Well put. We easily, it seems, tolerate millions of unborn children killed by abortion. Future generations may look back at us and question how we could possibility have tolerated such things, and they will feel morally superior to us. But abortion tolerance is generated by tolerance of the sexual revolution, beginning with contraception.


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