In your own words, define/describe holiness.
Are you comfortable with this word?
Can you give examples from personal experience?
Has your definition of holiness changed over the years?

Holiness is that state of spiritual perfection which all men and angels are created for, drawn to, thirst after, rejoice in, and will receive completely in Heaven, the angels already after their test and the men after their many tests in their lives. Holiness is, in a word, God. God is Holiness Itself.

I took a class in college on holiness - well, actually it was class called “Saint and Society in the Middle Ages,” but we focused on what holiness entailed. My professor was convinced that holiness was about the imitation of Christ, especially the suffering Christ. Years later, when going through RCIA, we were studying saints and we were asked, “What is holiness?” I gave this answer which my professor had told me years prior, and my sponsor said, “I think it’s about falling down and continually getting up again.” Changed my views forever.

Conforming our will and our life to God’s will.

The more I learn about holiness, the further away from it I seem to be,

I read about the saints and I find their lives to be inspirational BUT I see my life is so much different from theirs. Their lives were so close to God, my life is so far away.

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