I’ve been wondering about people enjoying sin lately. Isn’t this opposed to Divine Holiness? It seems like an incongruent universe. Even though it is later corrected, it still happened. Also, holy things that are defiled need to be reconsecrated? Why? Doesn’ t the holiness win the battle with evil? Does God need to be reconsecrated?

No one really enjoys sin. The apparent enjoyment of sin is actually based on error.

Take fornication. It leads to apparent ‘pleasure’. But in reality, that ‘pleasure’ is nothing more than a physiological spasm, in response to sensory irritation. Proof of this is in the fact that masterbation will give real or lasting ‘happiness’.

Or use of drugs. It might seem like pleasure, but it is objectively simply poisoning. It leads to physical and mental debilitation.

And sins like lying, theft, etc. all are unpleasant to carry out, and result in anxiety and social alienation.

Therefore, even if it were not contrary to Divine Law, sins cause neither happiness, not even real pleasure.

I’ve found some sins to be extremely enjoyable. I don’t understand why God alloweded such a thing

This life is a hard spiritual battle.

God has placed us in the middle of it. We didnt’ get a choice in the matter, so we have to make a choice which side we will fight on and which side we will pay our allegiance to.

Yes, it’s true. Those who serve the dark lord can receive some pleasure, but it comes at an insane price- that of their souls. Sin leads to spiritual death in the end, maybe sooner rather than later.

Jesus said to pick up our Cross and follow him, so part of uniting our self to God will involve some suffering along the way. In the the end, it will have been well worth it.

We have a choice to trust God or not trust him. We have an eternal choice to make.

God Bless!

But this enjoyment is in error. At best, sin can cause some excitation of the nerves. SInce it is contrary to the will of the Supreme and Only Good- by definition, sin is never genuinely pleasurable.

It is part of free will. Pleasure is something that we need to put into context. It can serve as a hint of the pleasure we will enjoy in heaven if we remain in grace. It is part of sexual activity in order to encourage us to procreate. It is provided by God to bring us a measure of happiness in this world. It is when we seek pleasure to the point where we neglect our moral duties to God that it is a problem.

There might be immediate gratification in taking part in sinful activities, but that is NOTHING compared to an eternity of pleasure in heaven. Is it so tough to give up short term “happiness” for eternal ecstasy?

Doing drugs can be a heavenly experience for some, yet is probably a sin for them. I don’t understand why God would tolerate such an affront to His Holiness. At the very least, they need to pay this back to Him in purgatory. Good argument for purgatory I think. Or here’s another: God can give someone a miserable death as punishment, right Protestants? What’s the big deal in saying He can punish after death before Heaven as well?

I do not doubt you. As is said, “Sin has pleasure for a season”

God does not micro-manage

Simply put; God does not micro-manage.

But ONLY in todays world is this accurate… in the past, God would indeed punish people, sometimes entire towns if there was just one person being blasphemous…and we are taught God NEVER changes, not even possible, its said he will be exactly the same forever, so…??

Plus, I have known quite a few people that are not at all religious, and have no qualms about taking part in immoral sexual activity, drug and alcohol use/ abuse, extreme gambling, etc. and many of these people have lived lives this for many many years, whats even more odd, a large majority of them are pretty successful in life, (good jobs, not much stress in their lives, etc.), and each time I run into them or hear about them, they seem to be pretty darn happy and content…now I could see a fluke, year or 2, someone living like this, and only appearing to be happy, but some of these people, I know for a FACT, they are truly happy, so this really makes no sense, I dont see how this is even possible.

I wouldn’t think that God would tolerate such things. God can’t remain in the presence of sin so the connection with God is cut off. And one has to go through confession and doing a penance.
God gave someone a miserable death? I do not know. It would be like seeing into the unseen world to know this. Everyone does not die by God’s hand. They destroy their own bodies. All the writings about God being “human like” are for our benefit Aquinas said. His ways are not our ways. But if God does kill someone you better believe it’s just. There is the time of judgment.

Unfortunately, as you say “not at all” religious; there are some “religious” that think they can do these things. All you have spoken about concerns attachment. Attachment to material things. These things have been for me material and very empty. I don’t know about drugs except prescription ones but the sex is the same every time. There’s only so much you can do. It’s like lying to yourself and making nothing something. I guess there is a certain level of purity that we each meet in this life. As far as happy do human being even know or can they comprehend what happiness is? I know people say they’re happy but I don’t think in materiality you can really experience true happiness. Except maybe the mystagogy. When you’re no longer at war with yourself and everything else.

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