Hollow corpus on crucifix?


Hi, new here, and needed to ask a question, maybe a silly question, but, is it ok to have a hollow corpus on a crucifix? I received a crucifix, and the corpus is hollow in the back, so I’ve been wondering if this is acceptable?

Are there rules in regard to making crucifixes? If there are rules or guidelines, would someone please point me in the right direction where to read about this subject?

Thanks much,



I can't imagine why it wouldn't be acceptable. And there are no rules about making such things. Be at peace and enjoy the fact that you have an image of Our Lord's great suffering for our sins and a sign of his love and mercy to help guide your prayer. That is far more important than how the Crucifix is made.



It is perfectly fine to have a hollow corpus on a crucifix. The crucifix is really just a piece of art to remind us that Jesus died for our sins and to help focus our attention during prayer.


yes, it's okay, and probably varies from one crucifix to another!

you reminded me of the first time I saw a hollow corpus. I was a child and greatly disturbed that Jesus had a hole in his back.


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