Hollywood Chick-fil-A holds fundraiser for LGBT youth



The franchise held a fundraiser in which a percentage of the profits went to an LGBT youth group.

Reminds me of the story earlier this year about the Burger King franchise that had a promotion for scholarships for LGBT high school seniors:



Wow. They folded like a cheap tent.


In what way?


Yes, and as long as our culture keeps telling LGBT that it is okay to give yourself over to such behavior, young minds will embrace the idea.


Chick-fil-A is famous for its support of traditional marriage. I don’t see supporting initiatives to prevent youth from being assaulted by reason of their sexuality as either inconsistent with that stand, or the same as “folding their tent.”


Plus, this is a franchisee.

It doesn’t reflect the corporate policy.



Every Catholic should support this fundraiser; it benefits a group that promotes anti-bullying and anti-harassment policies on college campuses to decrease the prevalence of hate crimes and assaults. I’ll never understand why some Catholics go into crazy mode over hearing the acronym “LGBT” or “pro-gay.” I thought our Church was pro-gay? :rolleyes:


Who on earth gave you the impression that the church is pro gay. How could the church be pro a deviant disorder?


The Church supports the equal dignity and personhood of all gays and lesbians and stridently seeks their wellbeing :). The Church is absolutely pro-gay.


It is no more pro gay then it is pro murder thieving pedophilia or any other type of sin.


Being gay or lesbian isn’t a sin. Murder, theft, et. al are all sins. There is a huge distinction. The Church stands arm-in-arm with its gay and lesbian members in their life following Christ. That is practically the definition of pro-gay.


I guess the nuns won’t be eating there anymore… :smiley:


Yes, it’s a shame that all initiatives to help LGBT youth - who have a much higher risk of bullying, suicide, etc - have to be interpreted as condoning same sex activity generally. Although it is true that most of these initiatives would be headed by people who probably support same sex marriage, etc as well.


So the church stands arm in arm with our pedophile members in their life following christ. After all pedophilia isn’t a sin right? That is practically the definition of pro pedophile which you think the church is too right?


Well the Church would support those who have fought their attractions and not done anything with kids - I assume that’s what you mean when you said ‘following Christ.’ Doesn’t mean the Church by doing so is somehow saying that pedophilia as an action is ok.


The Church even supports those who have sinned and repent of that sin in order to seek God with a sincere heart. If you want to put it that way, then the Church is pro-murderer, pro-abortionist, pro-thief, pro-wife-beater, pro-jaywalker. But I don’t think anyone in their right mind will label the Church as pro-any-kind-of-sin. The Church unfailingly upholds the dignity of people, and so the Church is pro-life, pro-person, pro-dignity. To say that the Church is “pro-gay” is to ridiculously distort the Church’s mission and theological emphasis. To say that the Church is “pro-gay” is to co-opt the Church and pervert her mission of salvation of souls. It is to lead others astray in the belief that they can be affirmed and supported in their sin, defining themselves by it, rather than pursuing a life of chastity and continence that honors God by love for Him.


Being gay isn’t a sin though, so your post is completely irrelevant.

The Church is as pro-gay as she is pro-male, pro-female, pro-[insert race here], or any other immutable, non-sinful characteristic about a person. Everyone has equal dignity in Her light :).


Being homosexual is a DISORDER, and the Church is not pro-any-disorder. Having race or sex is not a moral issue. Please stop trying to compare moral disorders to actual immutable personality characteristics.

You sound like a patient in a hospital trying to claim the hospital is pro-cancer. No. The Church stands AGAINST disorders of every kind. The Church stands for order and right, and there is nothing right about homosexuality.


The hospital is most certainly pro-cancer-patient though.

The Church is pro-gay, not pro-SSA.


Well stated. I completely understand and agree with your posts on this thread topic.

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