“Hollywood is now irrelevant,” says IAC Chairman Barry Diller

Hollywood is irrelevant in so many ways!!!


IAC Chairman Barry Diller is boasting. Take it with a grain of salt.

Also consider the ways in which Hollywood is still very relevant. Like it or not, Hollywood is still a major influence on US culture. Catholics should be aware of this power and not ignore it.


Netflix is for those who are too lazy to go to a movie theatre.
Some things just look better on the big screen.


it’s been going that way for awhile. I used to watch movies all the time in hotels (I drive for a living) but now I usually just play video games.


For me, it’s hardly laziness. I don’t want to spend $10-20+ to go sit in a crowded theater while still being alone watching a movie that might be only marginally better with a larger screen. I like going to the theater with friends, but that’s because it’s just part of a larger outing.

Also, I can’t watch The Office or Parks and Recreation or any movie that’s been out for a decent length of time in my nearby theater. So if I’m already paying for Netflix for those, and I don’t have friends to go to the theater with, why bother going? I think I can wait the few extra months for it to be on Netflix or buy on YouTube.


This dates me, but I remember seeing the movie Jaws at the theater the first weekend that is debuted.
The theater was packed.
When Brodie was slinging fish chum into the water and the shark came out of the water and lunged toward him, the hundreds of people in the audience jumped out of their seat collectively. That kind of experience can only be had at a movie theater.


I never find a good film on Netflix. They used to have many great foreign films.

I use Amazon lots of times, and pay the rental fee for the film.

I am one of those too lazy to go to the movie theaters.

Snacks are too expensive there anyway.

Movie theatres are too costly for the most part. I don’t want to pay 10 dollars to get in, another 15 dollars for popcorn (half the time I can’t even get enough butter) and not have the option of pausing the movie if I need a restroom or feel tired and want to watch the rest tomorrow. The movie houses are usually full of kids and teens and often you have to walk about a mile through some deserted mall / parking lot to just get into the movie. The only exceptions to this dismal picture are indie/ repertory theaters where you can often see films not available elsewhere or there is some related event like a director interview or film festival going on.

The last movie I went out and saw in a theater was lousy and a waste of my time and money. I could have seen it at home for a fraction of the cost and turned it off when it got stupid and watched something else.


He’s right insofar as there are a lot of entertainment options, even some for free like funny You Tubers.

So movies and TV have less impact, but “irrelevant” is kinda overstating it.

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They are relevant primarily for demographics that place a high value on entertainment and have limited options. If all you have is a TV then you care about TV. If you mostly want someplace to go outside your house, the movies appeal to you. The movies are full of kids and teens because they want a place to hang out away from their homes and at their age, they aren’t allowed in bars, or parks at night, or anyplace else for 3 hours straight.

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Hollywood is just the propaganda wing of the liberal left. They even managed to screw up what should have been a box office hit (First Man) to push their anti President Trump/America agenda.


Expensive but sooooooooooooo delicious.

Yankeesouth, please can we put the political rhetoric into a shoebox and shove it under the bed for just a few minutes? :v::vulcan_salute:
We are discussing movies, movie alternatives, and other stuff here. Not fighting the left vs. the right, the north vs. the south, the east coast vs. the west coast, in this thread. :frowning_face:
I love to watch sporting events :soccer::baseball::softball::basketball::volleyball::football: and movies :ferris_wheel:, because they are an escape from the political stuff in this country. Even it is just few a little while.
Thanks in advance for your help in this matter. :grin:

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Yankeesouth is largely correct in the case, though.
And the left-leaning slant of many films has alienated a lot of viewers from caring about Hollywood product.


How can you separate Hollywood from politics! That is why I seldom go to the movies because I refuse to pay money to watch a film with these Hollywood elite who want to spout off. And face it, most of the movies made in Hollywood anymore are just not that good.

I can find more to watch on TCM that is in black and white and 60 or 70 years old.


More political stuff. There is just no getting away from you folks who want to fight every issue on the forum. Everything has to be political with you folks.


I couldn’t agree more with you!
Hey, happy birthday 7_Sorrows…one of my favorite CAFers!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is just misplaced thinking. Hollywood, behind the scenes, is cheap. Why deal with a middleman, like movie theaters, when streaming is easier and cheaper? Hopefully, Hollywood will realize how much junk they are producing and people only have so much money for streaming or whatever. Cord cutting, cable cutting - they don’t talk about that much. Not everybody can afford streaming or stomach junk.

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